Change Your Seeds

If you don't like your harvest, change your seeds. If you don't like what you have, the money you make, your job, or the debt you are in... change your thinking, change your words, then change your actions. This is not a farming lesson but you could learn a lot from a farmer.

Farmers who want corn plant corn. They want apples they plant apple seeds. It's just that simple. It takes work to cultivate that crop for the farmers to harvest and make a profit. I said it was simple not easy. But if you think you deserve better than what you are now. Then you have to make changes.

Could it be as simple as changing your thinking? Could it be as simple as changing the words you use and the actions you take? Darren Hardy, the author of The Compound Effect says, "small consistent changes can have a deep impact on your future. Create daily habits that will compound to give you the future you want."

Change Your Thinking

Your thinking has you where you are now. To change where you are change what is in your head. Deep in debt? Then you need to change your thinking about money and how you spend it. Getting deeper in debt will not help you get out of debt. Spending all your money will not help you become debt free.

Planting new seeds of thinking will move you forward in the direction you want to go. Think about saving money and paying off your debts. Think about new marketing techniques you can learn to sell more products. As mentioned earlier, your current thinking has you where you are. Change your seeds of thinking and you will harvest a better tomorrow.

Change Your Words

When you change your thinking you will change your words. Simple phrases like how much does this business cost vs. how much do I invest in this business puts your thinking in an abundance mindset.

Words have power in marketing and sales. Sales people use words to influence you to buy. Encouraging words comforts a friend or motivates an employee. Words play an important role in determining your future.

When you are praised and promoted how do you feel instead of being criticized and put down? Words are powerful and the self talk you use produces your harvest. Your new vocabulary have the words saving, investing, and cash flow. This creates debt freedom. Saying I get to pay myself first is better than I don't have enough money.

Change your seeds by planting an abundance attitude and use your words to create that abundance. You don't go into McDonald's and expect them to guess your order. You have to use your words to get what you want. Use the same concept.

Change Your Actions

Changing your thinking, changes your words, and hopefully it changes your actions. I will tell you now you can do the first two things and nothing will happen until you take action. You don't lose weight by still sitting around eating and watching TV. You have to get up and move.

Being broke doesn't change without action. You get a raise every year and yet you are still broke. Why? The same spending habits have you in the hole. More money will not solve your problem. More money will probably lead you to more debt because you have not changed the way you use money.

Back to the farmer. He thinks about a crop. He says he is going to plant crop. Then he plants the seeds and works on creating a harvest. Want a different harvest? Change your seeds.

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