How to Overcome Shyness?

If you are shy, that means you have social anxiety. This article contains helpful tips on how you can overcome your shyness. This will help you come out of hiding and be more confident in facing your doubts and fears.

One of the first few steps to overcome shyness is by overcoming your fear of humiliation. You have to have a commitment and willingness to overcome this fear. This could be hard to do but just keep in mind that that fear only exist in your mind and it will only continue to hurt you if you do not face it. Try convincing yourself each day that this is something you can overcome easily. Note down the situations that make you uncomfortable, the people that make you shy, and then try to imagine yourself being in those situations or dealing with those people and do it again and again until you have convinced yourself that there really is nothing to be afraid of. And the next time you have an encounter with the people that you;re not comfortable with, just say a simple hi or simply give them a little compliment. This will give them a positive impression of you. And the more positive impression you get, the more your confidence will build up.

When it come to certain situations where you feel uncomfortable, try to remember all the details as much as you can. Then analyze which part made you uncomfortable in the first place. When you do this, make sure you also take note of the reactions you've had. This way, the next time you encounter the same situation, you will already know how to react properly without coming off as shy.

Another way to get rid of social anxiety would be relaxing. It may sound odd but relaxing your mind will give you a clearer view of the situations that you are most afraid of. Often times, when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you will find yourself to be breathing heavily or you may have difficulty in breathing. When this happens, just remember to relax your breath so you can control your heartbeat and relax your muscles to avoid uncontrollable trembling. Try to relax your mind when you're in these types of situation to avoid doing something you will regret afterward.

Also believe in yourself. Believing in yourself will actually help you overcome your shyness. When you have confidence in yourself, this will make the process of overcoming your shyness much faster and more easier. Try not to be frustrated with the mistakes that you make. If a conversation you've had turned bad, do not altogether blame yourself right away. Look on the positive side, that you at least made an effort to have a conversation with someone. When you examine what turned out wrong during the conversation, you will be able to have a more optimistic outlook because you will know what not to do next time.

Overcoming your shyness will really take a lot of effort, positive thinking, confidence and practice. And it may take a while before you totally start to notice some changes in yourself. Believing that you will overcome shyness is not enough. You have to exercise that belief for you to be successful.

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