How to Be Popular?

It is the aim of every teenager to become popular. They'll do anything they can to get the recognition of their peers or people their age. What most people don't know is being popular is not easy. Good looks are not enough to make a person popular. Because there are a lot of qualities that actually make people popular.

Being confident about yourself is one way of becoming popular. People who are confident give out a certain vibe to others. Once that aura is noticed by other people, they develop an idea that that person is most likely a kind of person who can get jobs done. Confident people get what they want most of the time. If you have the tendency of being shy, people will never notice you and they will never remember you. Practice your facial expression in the mirror. By doing so, you will be able to control them and when you're full control of your facial expression, they would want to speak with you and start up a conversation. Once you start conversing with these people, you not only gain self confidence but a lot of friends as well.

Go out and socialize with other people. Try to spark up conversations with people you just met. Stick to general topics and avoid being too personal. That person might not find it amusing or interesting at all when all you do is talk about yourself and your feelings. When you stick to general topics, it will allow you to know the person better and you will find that you have something in common. When you get to know the person better, they won't hesitate introducing you to their friend and you not only meet new people but your circle of friends will increase as well.

Popular people don't necessarily look good. That just have some special quality in them that attracts other people. They're friendly with everyone and they do not choose their friends. Most popular people have self confidence too and this is a very important trait that you must possess.

People who are popular are also willing to help others who are in need. They are never greedy. They are willing to go as far as sacrificing their own time to help others. They do everything they can which makes them really selfless. Helping others will give people the impression that you are friendly and approachable. When you help others, people will notice you more. But make sure that the help you do is sincere and not just for the sake of putting up a show. If you genuinely help others, people will admire you and that's one kind of popularity which is very honorable.

Be yourself. That is the best way to become popular. You don't have to have a fake attitude or fake personality for other people to like you. Stay true to yourself and be the lovable person that you are. When you maintain a positive attitude, people will look at you positively too. When you give out positivity to the world, you also attract positivity in return.

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