Low Self Esteem: How to Be Patient When Building Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is something that many of us have. Self esteem issues can affect people from all religions, genders, race or creed, age, or sex. People from all around the world may suffer with low self esteem issues just like you do, and it is quite common indeed.

Building low self esteem requires patience, determination, commitment, and perseverance. When you try to build low self esteem, setbacks can happen for you. These setbacks can happen in the form of not treating yourself kindly, or allowing others to treat you badly.

When you work to beat low self esteem, these setbacks can happen suddenly, and sometimes without you even being conscious of this. The most important thing is that you do not beat yourself up for these setbacks.

As you work on feeling better about yourself, you may take two steps forward and one step backward. This is truly okay and it is common and quite normal to go through this. This is how we learn, and you need to cut yourself some slack.

In your process to build self esteem, you must remember that your low self esteem did not happen overnight. Low self esteem or feeling bad about yourself usually happens at a young age. It is usually an accumulation of life experiences including the way you have been treated by others that helps to shape your self esteem.

Because low self-esteem has become more solidified through these experiences, it will take time to change these thoughts that you have about yourself. If you think you are unattractive or lacking in intelligence and this is a deep seated belief system, you will not be able to change this overnight.

There are many techniques to help beat low self esteem and build your self esteem to a healthier level. Building low self esteem requires use of these strategies including new beliefs about yourself. Just like learning the alphabet, or learning how to read music, you will need to learn how to feel better about yourself. You must also remember that this learning takes time.

Low self esteem can create negative experiences, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and a lack of motivation for life. Having self esteem issues can cloud your life in a negative way and life will not be as joyful for you as it can be.

As stated previously, there are a lot of ways to build your self esteem, as you do not have to live with low self esteem throughout your life.

Through self help methods, individual and or group counseling, you can beat low self esteem over time. Remember, however, that you must be patient in this process and not give up on yourself and stop your efforts to build low self esteem.

A new and better way of feeling about yourself will improve your life and bring you the joy and happiness that you deserve. Just be patient with yourself, and you will build low self esteem and feel better about yourself and your life.

Michelle S. Tee is a self help coach and author who specializes in building low self esteem and how to beat low self esteem. She is the author of two self esteem self help books, and enjoys helping others feel better about themselves.

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