How to Make Affirmations Work?

You may have heard of them, but you are not sure if they really work. Or maybe you have tried them and you did not get any result at all, and you decided to be negative about it. In reality, affirmations are very useful tools to help you improve your life as well as your outlook in life.

It is not merely saying empty words, but it is repeating loaded words until it sticks in your mind. The problem is that many people misunderstand affirmations and they do not reap the full benefit out of them. So here are some good ways on how to make affirmations work.

Many people who decided to try affirmations go throughout their day and forget to do it. They remember it when they have absolutely nothing to do at the moment, and they decide to do it for a few minutes, if not a few seconds, before jumping to their next activity. This is probably the worst time to do affirmations, but people make a lot of excuses about not having enough time throughout the day.

The truth is, a lot of people have a lot time during the day, but they spend it with minor things, or they make their own distractions. What they do not realize is that such actions tell their subconscious that affirmations are not important; you can do that later. It is better instead to say affirmations at the moment when you wake up, or before you sleep. During these times, the mind is very receptive to suggestions. It can create a good habit.

Next problem where people fail when it comes to affirmations is the lack of consistency in the practice. Many people do the affirmations once or twice a week, sometimes even just twice for a whole month, and then expect miraculous results. Then they complain that nothing changed and conclude that affirmations do not work! This exercise requires consistency. You have to do it over and over again until finally your subconscious gets the message and acts on it.

Another sad thing is that some people do the affirmations at the wrong time during the day. For example, one person makes an affirmation for increased confidence. He will try to say the lines to himself right before or even during a tense situation when he needs confidence.

What happens is that the affirmation gets attached to the feeling of nervous tension. Thus, he gets no result, and worse, each time he tries the same affirmation again, he suddenly gets a feeling of dread and nervousness. It is best instead to do the affirmation at the appropriate time when you feel like you are at the peak of the world. That way, the affirmation will be associated with the feeling and you get the maximum benefit.

These are three simple tactics on how to make affirmations work which you can use to help improve your affirmations. These are good ones that you can start with. Now that you know them, make sure you apply them, and not just stare at them. Nothing works if you do not do it properly

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