How to Unleash Your Creative Spirit?

Many people in this world would like to be a better person, have a better life, be in a better relationship, and be in a better world. Almost everyone would rather they are someone else. Envy rules their heart, and they desire whatever another person has. This tendency has brought people down to be less than what they are really capable of becoming.

You will not find in others what you do not find within yourself. A lot of relationships have gone down the drain because each person thought that the other person will complete the other. What happens is that they drain each other until they both get tired of the situation and blame each other for the problems that arise. This is the sad fact that is occurring all throughout the world today.

Do you find yourself in such a situation? Do you feel that you should have more than what you have, but you feel that you will never have it? There may be a solution, but it may be a radical one. And that is to unleash your creative spirit.

What does it mean to unleash your creative spirit? Simply put, it is to look at the situation in varying perspective. Most of us are trapped in the idea that the world revolves around us, and that the feelings of others are not really important; that they are simply part of the play in which we are the main attraction.

Everyone wants a chance to be in the spotlight, but too many got burned and crashed to unfortunate ends. Instead of jumping on the stage and outshining everyone else, why not try to sit down and be part of the audience. That way, you may see another perspective at what really is going on. Is the main attraction really the person who is shouting and craving for attention? Or is he simply the court jester, a simple nuisance that everyone wants to get rid of?

You may have heard of the phrase, 'the world is a stage.' It certainly is, but is not composed of simply one or two main characters. It is composed of all of us. We take our turns at the spotlight, since we all have our own time and then bow at the end of our lines. We do not own the stage but simply a part of it. The spotlight moves to and fro; it will not stick to just one person. You will find drama and you will find comedy. That is the fact of life.

What you can do is play your part, and if it is not your turn to be the main actor, then do your job as a supporting actor. You may not get all the attention, but the play will be better for it. No one likes a play where everyone is trying to attract attention. That is total pandemonium. The beauty of the stage is ruined with such selfish actions.

As if you are onstage, you should unleash your creative spirit in life. If you experience drama, feel it, and move to the next scene. It may not be always easy, but things never stay the same. Life is never the same all the time. Ever after the closing of the curtain, life behind the stage continues.

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