How to Improve Self-Awareness in Life

Most people in the modern world are now so used to moving automatically. Everything they do is automatic such as walking, breathing, talking, washing dishes, making the daily coffee, and a lot of other things. Of course, this is actually a good thing. Imagine having to process in your mind first each and every step of breathing. You will die before you even know it.

Walking will become a very cumbersome exercise, and everyone will take forever to reach their destination. Being on "automatic mode" is not all that bad. Humans are creatures of habits, and so this is to be expected. But the problem is that people are so caught up in things that can cause them problems in the end, while on auto-pilot mode. People have lost self-awareness in the actions in their daily life.

Being aware does not mean that you have to think about every little thing that you do. It is simply a form of controlling the thoughts that run amok while you are busy doing the usual mundane things. While you are washing the dishes, no doubt you have some sort of idea running in your mind.

Most of the time, it is about the terrible things that are happening around you. Prices are rising, and so is the unemployment rate. Violence paralyzes people with fear. Perhaps even thinking if your friend is thinking badly of you because of something you said that seems harmless. These things don't help improve your situation. On the other hand, they can ruin you. This is the negative side of the power of attraction.

As such, self-awareness is important. While you are unconsciously attracting more unfortunate events in your life while doing mundane things, you can instead practice consciously attract the things that you really want in your life. Often this is a very tedious process, especially if you are used to letting your mind run the factory. But such discipline can greatly improve your life.

So to help you out, we will go through a couple of exercises that can help you improve self-awareness in daily life.

The first one is simply observing your thoughts as they appear. You need to specify a time to do this every single day. Just let your mind run, but instead of getting caught in the dialogue, just watch it as it happen, and watch it as it fades into something else, or get replaced by something totally different. You will notice that the mind is a very restless realm. That is what you need to take control of, but for now, be contented of being able to observe this phenomenon.

The next exercise is to simply be aware of the movements of your body as you perform your daily routine. Feel the softness of the sponge as you wash the dishes. Feel the caress of the wind, the movement of your feet as you walk down the street.

These exercises can make you feel weird at first, but after consistent practice, you will experience a sense of "oneness" with the things around you. It is hard to explain unless you have experienced it yourself. These self-awareness exercises are just the beginning. As you continue, other people will begin to notice the positive change in you, and they will tell you about it.

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