Self Confidence Tips That Actually Work

Self confidence can be loosely defined as one's confidence in his/her own abilities, character and worth. It's not very unusual to find people who have very little, even none, of this. If you're one of those people who want to improve on their self-confidence, you have to know that it always starts on the inside. Work out the issues that you have that cause you to have low confidence in the first place. Once you have worked these things out, then you can work on the outside appearances. Here are a few self confidence tips that will help you to be able to look more confident on the outside.

1. Walk and stand tall. Your presence affects how you look to other people, and whether we like it or not, other people's opinions of us still have an effect on our self-confidence, though it should not depend on it. When you stand and walk tall, you will actually look like you are confident, even during the times that you're not.

2. Try and improve your social skills. When you are more sociable, people tend to talk to you more as opposed to if you were always hiding in some corner just leering at everyone who passes by. Try to talk to people more, have a little chit chat here and there. It never hurts to ask someone how they are doing, even in passing. This will show that you are confident enough to put yourself out there for people to talk to. And remember, a genuine smile on your face works better than expensive make up or clothes.

3. All articles that contain self confidence tips will agree: you have to be a go-getter. When people see that you have drive to achieve your goals, they will take this as a sign of self-confidence, and will subsequently lead to them respecting you more.

4. Always be prepared. This is especially useful in the workplace. When you are prepared for your work, let's say you have a presentation for your big corporate bosses, you will exude self-confidence because you know what you are talking about. It would be humiliating to be talking in front of very important people and suddenly draw a blank and just start mumbling in front of them. These kinds of situations can crumble your self-esteem. When you are always prepared, you will be able to conquer these fears and speak of these things that you already know like the back of your hand.

5. The most practical of all self confidence tips is this: work to make your body the way that you want it to be. In the looks department, it's no secret that some people are more fortunate than others. There are those that can eat and eat and not even gain a pound. If you're not one of these blessed people and you're not happy with how your body looks, then do something about it. There are so many gyms, sports and activities that you can do to become a better you. You can try boxing, biking or maybe even take up the art of Wushu. Either way, when you do something to get your body to the way you want it to look, you will definitely feel better about yourself and your self-confidence will begin to soar.

Henry David Thoreau once said, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams," and this is the message that you should remember. Everyone deserves to live their dreams, and low self-confidence should not be the reason that you don't get yours.

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