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Feeling Safer
We enjoy life and function better when we feel safer. No matter what you are doing... from enjoying a BBQ with friends, weeding the flowerbeds, taking a walk, or doing spring cleaning... you will feel more present and focused if you feel safe.
By Cathy Vartuli Rick Wilkes
What Brings You Joy?
Most people would love to feel more delight, more connection. But where is it? It's hard to find the time to do things we enjoy, there are bills to pay, work, kids, commitments. It can feel like you never quite get caught up enough to tune into...
By Cathy Vartuli
How Does Acknowledging Where You Are Allow You to Move Forward?
How much of your time do you spend lamenting, "I do NOT want to be HERE!"? It's perfectly natural to want to be somewhere else (or even be someone else) when we hurt. We just don't want to feel what we feel when it isn't pleasant... especially...
By Cathy Vartuli Rick Wilkes
Self Confidence Tips That Actually Work
Self confidence can be loosely defined as one's confidence in his/her own abilities, character and worth. It's not very unusual to find people who have very little, even none, of this. If you're one of those people who want to improve on their...
By Trevor Johnson
Learn How to Improve Your Self Esteem Today
Self-esteem and confidence are both very important things to a person. It is basically what or how the person sees himself. If you have no or little self-esteem, then chances are you will not succeed in life. When you do not believe in...
By Trevor Johnson
Tips on How to Get Better Confidence and Self Esteem
There are a lot of people who would benefit from learning about how to get better confidence and self esteem. Self-esteem is basically your opinion about yourself. If you have a low opinion of yourself and if...
By Trevor Johnson
7 Tips For Improving Your Self Esteem
If you suffer from low self esteem, you'll know that it can affect all areas of your life. From relationships to how well you do at work. It's an awkward problem to have, especially if your natural reaction when you meet an uncomfortable situation...
By Trevor Johnson
Five Tips to Overcome Shyness
A lot of times the only thing stopping you from approaching that beautiful woman of your dreams is your own shyness. You know if you could just get to know her, she would see what a great guy you are and how much you have to offer, but you...
By Bill Preston
Using Self-improvement as a Strategy For Personal Success
Using a well considered self-improvement program is a good strategy for personal success, particularly in view of the way the both the world and you change with time. As an example of that, I was reading an advertisement for Apple's new iPad...
By Antony Woodward
The Gratitude Dog & I
When I was living with my room mate(s) a lot of people would come over and leave the door wide open and my dog Barosa would run off and we would have to chase her down, luckily we had obtain/attracted some really good hearted people over...
By Nathan Scheer
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