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Being Self Aware
From time to time, we can't help but think what other people think of us. Sometimes when people tell us what they really think about us, we begin to question ourselves and in the process, we become unsure with ourselves.
By Irsan Komarga
The Five Universal Rules to Happiness
There are a lot of rules to being happy. In fact, a lot of them apply in our daily lives. But when it all boils down to the basics, there are five rules that apply to everyone and everything in life.
By Irsan Kao
How to Make Affirmations Work?
You may have heard of them, but you are not sure if they really work. Or maybe you have tried them and you did not get any result at all, and you decided to be negative about it. In reality, affirmations are very useful tools to help you...
By Irsan Komarga
How to Unleash Your Creative Spirit?
Many people in this world would like to be a better person, have a better life, be in a better relationship, and be in a better world. Almost everyone would rather they are someone else.
By Irsan Komarga
How to Improve Self-Awareness in Life
Most people in the modern world are now so used to moving automatically. Everything they do is automatic such as walking, breathing, talking, washing dishes, making the daily coffee, and a lot of other things.
By Irsan Komarga
How to be Confident With Your Look
A designer dress or scrumptious shoes are great but they won't do anything for your sense of style unless you can wear them with confidence. Women are bombarded with images of super skinny, gorgeous supermodels these days but looking good...
By Annette Annette
Top Tips to Overcome Fear of Darkness
Among the common fears found in children, perhaps the most common is the fear of darkness. In fact, there are several adults too who have this problem. A lot of those having this problem are often known to suffer silently from this problem for...
By Felix Lehmann
Feeling Safer
We enjoy life and function better when we feel safer. No matter what you are doing... from enjoying a BBQ with friends, weeding the flowerbeds, taking a walk, or doing spring cleaning... you will feel more present and focused if you feel safe.
By Cathy Vartuli Rick Wilkes
What Brings You Joy?
Most people would love to feel more delight, more connection. But where is it? It's hard to find the time to do things we enjoy, there are bills to pay, work, kids, commitments. It can feel like you never quite get caught up enough to tune into...
By Cathy Vartuli
How Does Acknowledging Where You Are Allow You to Move Forward?
How much of your time do you spend lamenting, "I do NOT want to be HERE!"? It's perfectly natural to want to be somewhere else (or even be someone else) when we hurt. We just don't want to feel what we feel when it isn't pleasant... especially...
By Cathy Vartuli Rick Wilkes
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