How to Plan Your Own Wedding and Save Yourself Hundreds of Dollars

Planning Your Own Wedding? 5 Money-Saving Tips

Do you know that most wedding vendors pad their charges so that you end up paying more than you have to? Cake cutting fees, gasoline fee, consulting fee -- these charges are so ridiculous you wonder who pays them and how these vendors get away with it. The truth is that they get away with it because most couples do not know better. They pay because they think they have to. Well, you don't, and you need to keep this in mind while planning your own wedding.

Erica Yoon, author of Amazing Wedding Planning, knows first-hand just how daunting planning your own wedding can be. When she planned her own big day in 2006, she was pulling in a 64-hour work week and was up to her neck in debt. Yoon learned quickly, however, and what she learned was this: no matter what your budget is, you can reduce your expenses by as much as 50%!

If you are planning your own wedding, here are some tips to help you slash costs and start your new life with a little money in the bank.

1. Set a Budget. This sounds very simple, but it's usually what most couples fail to do. This should not be the case. Setting a budget is crucial because it helps you keep your spending under control. Set how much you can spend and be careful not to overspend, no matter how tempting those delightfully themed extras may be. A few cents here and a few dollars there can quickly add up over time.

2. Rent or Go for Second Hand. If money is really tight, don't buy your wedding dress. Rent or get yours second-hand. You can get many fabulous dresses from eBay, consignment shops, or the classified ads.

3. Grow Your Flowers. If the big day is still a long way off, enlist the help of friends and family with yards. Plant the flowers you would like at your wedding. It's a win-win situation for everyone: you can save bundles on flowers and the yard owner gets free landscaping!

4. Get Your Flowers Wholesale. If planting your own flowers is out of the question, try the local flower market and get your blooms wholesale. If you can, ask to be given the reseller price. If they say yes, you can save a ton. If they say no, you're still getting your blooms at a bigger discount than any retail establishment could give you.

5. Get Married Mid-week. More and more couples are considering this as a money-saving option, and you should too in planning your own wedding. Most people get married on Fridays and Saturdays, leaving the midweek free. Use this to your advantage. Get married midweek; the money you can save is worth it!

Planning your own wedding is not without its challenges. Get a good resource to help you out. When you have a guide that walks you through the steps from start to finish, you can plan for the big day stress-free!

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