Beach Wedding Hair Jewelry and Veil Ideas

Getting ready for a beach wedding? Then you will definitely need something gorgeous to wear in your hair! These are some great ideas for beach wedding hair and jewelry and veils.

Naturally the bride will want something fabulous to adorn her hair on her wedding day. As a beach wedding tends to be more relaxed, it is best to choose a headpiece which is not overly formal. Rather than a tall tiara, for instance, try a double headband beaded with crystals and pearls. The gems will make it beautiful enough for a wedding, but the headband style will look more appropriate on the beach. Select a headband which complements your bridal jewelry set. Another great thing about a headband is that if you opt to wear your hair down, it will keep the ocean breeze from blowing your hair in your face during the ceremony.

A beach theme hair ornament can be a wonderful accessory for a wedding by the ocean. A starfish pin in your hair makes a lovely alternative to a fresh flower, and as a bonus it will not wilt in the hot sun. Small starfish clips or pins would also be fun for the bridesmaids. They would make a nice add on to the bridesmaid jewelry sets that the bride gives as gifts. Tie a pretty starfish clip to the jewelry box with an organza ribbon for a nice addition to the bridesmaid gifts that will also make the box extra special.

Pearls are a natural choice by the ocean. A cluster of pearl hairpins would be an elegant addition to a simple updo. Low buns are very chic and are un-fussy enough for the beach. They are also a classic staple to have in your jewelry box for future special occasions after the wedding. Wear your pearl hairpins with pearl bridal jewelry, such as a drop pendant or a unique keshi pearl necklace. Add some coordinating earrings, and you will be ready to walk down the aisle in style.

A veil on the beach can be a bit tricky, but any bride who wants one should definitely wear one. For a wedding outdoors, the veil should always be shorter than floor length. The last thing you need is to have your delicate veil catch on a wooden boardwalk or deck and tear. Nor do you want to have a long veil dragging behind you on the sand picking up seaweed and other beach debris from the sand! A calf length veil gives the effect of a long veil with none of the potential perils. Fingertip veils also work well, but be careful about choosing a very short veil, as it will fly around your face with the slightest breeze; in fact, the shortest veils are actually called "flyaways".

Beading can be a great on any bridal veil, but it is especially nice for a beach wedding. The little crystals and beads will twinkle and dance in the sunlight, adding a lively touch to your wedding gown, whether it is beaded or more simple. A great hidden feature of a beaded edge veil is that the added weight of the beads will help to keep your veil anchored. As fun as those pictures of the bride with her veil flying behind her can be, it is also nice to be able to say your vows without a cloud of tulle attacking your face every time the wind stirs.

Beach weddings are always beautiful, and with the perfect accessories, you can be sure to look absolutely stunning. From headbands to pins to special veils, there is a combination of beach wedding accessories that will be perfect for any wedding and to match any bridal gown.

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