Are You Getting Married Overseas?

Many couples decide to get married overseas and of course there are many benefits to this. For one there is almost a guarantee of hot weather in some countries, while in the UK even sun cannot be guaranteed for a wedding in the summer. If you are thinking of getting married overseas then you could wish to cover your wedding with wedding insurance.

When considering a romantic wedding in the sun there are numerous places you may wish to consider. However nothing says romance like the sunny Caribbean. Imagine getting married on the beautiful white sandy beach while crystal clear azure water laps gently onto the sand just feet away. Imagine your guests gathering around at the reception as you all watch the sun go down followed by a fireworks display and a huge reception in true Caribbean style.

On the other hand the tables could turn and in the worst case scenario your beautiful beach wedding could be cancelled due to stormy weather or even worse a hurricane. If this happened the wedding would probably have to be re-arranged altogether and of course you would not be watching the beautiful sunset or fireworks.

You could decide that you want the perfect wedding set in Switzerland with the backdrop of the Alps, chalets and snow. Imagine getting married in a small picture postcard chapel and then holding the wedding reception in one of the quaint taverns, this would certainly be something to remember and would be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

However consider the possibility of being unfortunate enough for the weather to be against you and your wedding party. A long drawn out snow storm to end all snow storms could stop you and your party from flying to Switzerland in time for your wedding.

If you have wedding insurance for overseas weddings to rely on, you are typically insured against extreme weather that puts an end to your wedding or ruins it altogether. Of course the insurance typically covers so much more than just weather disasters. A typical policy may cover such as the wedding rings, the attire, problems with the venue, flowers, transport to the wedding and a host of other things.

Hopefully your overseas wedding will go off without a hitch, and you will have taken the policy out for nothing. However the wedding insurance will give you peace of mind and as this is your big day, peace of mind can be priceless.

Wedding insurance does not have to work out expensive. Typically providers offer different policies based on your needs and what you are able to afford. When making your wedding insurance comparison you may wish to check not only the cost of the insurance, but also what you get for your money and the small print. The cost, benefits and terms will typically differ between wedding insurance providers, so with some you may get more for your money than with others. Providers of insurance always ask that you pay excess towards any claim on an insurance policy and this amount may differ too. With this in mind you should also compare the excess when making a wedding insurance comparison.

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