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Here is a story that will warm your heart. Most of us have heard about the Make a Wish Foundation, which grants special wishes to gravely ill children. Hopefully some of you are also familiar with a wonderful organization called Making Memories which helps to arrange memory-making trips and events for women with breast cancer and their families. Add to the growing list of worthy charities a new foundation called Wish Upon a Wedding. This wonderful organization helps to give free dream weddings to individuals with life-threatening illnesses. Learn more about all they do, and how brides can help other women fulfill the dream of a lifetime.

Let's be honest: in the excitement of planning a wedding, it can be very easy to forget how lucky we are and about the troubles that others may be facing. In this country, there are countless men and women who are battling very serious illnesses. For them, the time and money to plan a wedding to the one they love can be impossible to find. Yet, having the incredible memory of their wedding and the joy of being married to the one they love will bring them such happiness, even as they face a deadly illness. How wonderful that someone finally thought to help these people to have the wedding of their dreams!

They way that the Wish Upon a Wedding foundation works is that people with very serious illnesses apply to their local chapter to have a wedding. If their wish is granted, the couple is thrown a beautiful wedding at no cost to them. Local vendors pitch in with donations of everything needed for the perfect wedding, from attire and wedding jewelry, to the venue, to the flowers and catering. Generous wedding professionals all pitch in to make sure that the wedding day is everything the bride and groom had imagined. The vendors who volunteer their services work with the bride to design a wedding that suits her tastes in everything from the wedding gown and jewelry to her bouquet and invitations.

The couples who have been married through the generosity of Wish Upon a Wedding and their wish granters say that facing a terminal illness has helped them to realize just how important love is. Being surrounded by their loved ones while joining their partner in marriage is a very life-affirming moment, and one one that means so very much to the couples. How wonderful to be able to put aside thoughts of doctors and hospital bills for a day to bask in the joy of a lovely wedding.

Brides-to-be can help other brides realize their dream of a wedding in a couple of ways. Wish Upon a Wedding accepts direct donations, certainly. They also will work with brides and grooms who would like to direct their guests to consider a charitable donation to the foundation as their wedding gift. If you have been considering making a contribution in your guests' names to a charity in lieu of wedding favors, you may want to think about Wish Upon a Wedding. Imagine how good it would feel to know that your own beautiful wedding was helping another bride to have a special wedding of her very own.

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