Budget Honeymoon Ideas

So your wedding plans are just about finalized when you come to the sinking realization that you definitely do not have enough left in the coffers to book that dream honeymoon to Hawaii. Bummer! But don't give up hope yet. While two weeks on a tropical island may not be in the realm of possibility, that does not mean that you can't enjoy a little special time alone after your wedding. These ideas for budget honeymoons will help you to plan a post-wedding vacation that is both romantic and affordable.

Whether you overspent on all of the wedding details from the flowers (darn out-of-season tulips flown in from Holland!) to the bridesmaid gifts (did you really have to buy your bridesmaid gifts at Tiffany, or could you find the same silver bracelets for less somewhere else?) or had a tight budget from the start, it can be really easy to realize that you are short on cash for your honeymoon. Since it is the one part of the wedding which is relevant only to the bride and groom, it is the thing most likely to be sacrificed; after all, your guests have to be fed! But a honeymoon is not an extravagance or something which is expendable; it is the first chance that the bride and groom have to be alone together as husband and wife. You don't have to do anything fancy, but do plan to spend at least a couple of days alone together before returning to the daily grind.

If you are the outdoorsy types, plan a camping honeymoon. Picture it: just the two of you, alone in the woods. Hiking, bird watching, making s'mores around the campfire, and snuggling up in a two person sleeping bag - pretty romantic, right? Then add in no TV, no cell phones, no computers, just the newlyweds without any electronic interruptions, and you can see why camping could make a wonderful inexpensive honeymoon, as long as you are both into it.

This may sound like an odd idea for a honeymoon, but what about borrowing a friend's house? If you have ever house-sat for anyone, you know that there is something about staying in a nice home that does not belong to you which really feels like a true vacation. Obviously, your friend would have to be willing to stay somewhere else for a few days to make this idea work. Maybe you have an aunt whose house has a beautiful pool or a friend who lives out in the country; these could be great honeymoon spots. Bring in plenty of good food and wine for romantic candlelit dinners, rent your favorite old movies, and well, do what honeymooners do. It would be a nice break before returning to reality after your wedding.

Couples who have a little bit of money to spend can think a bit further afield. You could have a budget-friendly honeymoon by spending a few nights at a cozy bed and breakfast. Or take a train ride to a nearby big city. You can find affordable rooms in decent hotels online, and even discount tickets to shows and events. Many cities also have lots of free activities to enjoy, like concerts in city parks, art museums (not all museums are free, but at least most galleries are), and even just people watching. With a little creativity, you will find that you can stretch your honeymoon dollars quite far.

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