Blue and Yellow Wedding Colors

If you love bright and cheery colors, why not design an upbeat color palette for your wedding? It is hard to beat the winning combination of blue and yellow for a palette that is timeless, works well for popular wedding months, and is easy to find. These are some wonderful ideas on how to plan your wedding around blue and yellow.

Naturally, you will want your bridesmaids to be attired in your wedding colors. When using a dual-color palette, such as blue and yellow, you have the option of choosing a bridesmaid dress that is blue, yellow, or both. Typically, blue will be the easiest color for most women to wear, whereas yellow only suits certain skin tones. So if you have a big group of 'maids, blue would be safer than yellow for their dresses. Almost any shade of blue will look soft and pretty when done in a floaty fabric like chiffon or organza.

If you are considering a two tone dress, it is best to use very soft pastels, rather than more vivid hues. A blue and yellow striped sundress would be cute for a nautical wedding, or choose a pale blue organza strapless dress with a stripe of pale yellow organza around the hemline (as opposed to by the face). Classic white pearls make for lovely bridesmaid jewelry when the dress is two colors. Another option is to give your attendants bracelets - one in blue crystals and one in yellow crystals - as their bridesmaid jewelry gifts.

Then it is all about the flowers! Blue flowers are very sought after, but somewhat limited in availability. The good news is that the blossoms which do come in shades of blue are among the most gorgeous. There are blue hydrangeas, hyacinth, and delphiniums. Virtually every flower under the sun comes in yellow, from classic roses to springy mini-daffodils to ruffly sweet peas. And let's not forget yellow tulips, orchids, and even flowering branches. Work with your florist to decide if it would look best to make your centerpieces and bouquets predominantly one color with an accent, or if you prefer the more vibrant look of arrangements which have an equal mix of blue and yellow. A great idea for bridesmaids is to give each a bouquet of a single variety of flower; some girls can carry yellow bouquets and others blue ones.

Your wedding colors should be seen throughout your venue as well. If you have chosen to go with particularly vibrant centerpieces, then it would be best to keep the linens and other decorations very soft so that they do not compete. Pale pastel blues and yellows, perhaps with a bit of cream or white, are lovely when the flowers are very colorful and bright. On the other hand, if you have opted for centerpieces which are primarily made from one of your signature hues, you can get a little bolder with the tablecloths. A yellow and blue French Provencal print on cotton linens would be darling for an outdoor wedding topped with masses of yellow tulips. Solid blue napkins will tie the whole look together.

Certainly, your wedding cake should also feature your color palette. A cream colored buttercream frosting decorated with sugar flowers in blue and yellow would be absolutely gorgeous for any wedding. If your style is a bit more simple, a yellow fondant cake with crisp blue stripes around the base of each tier would be elegant. Top it with a single oversized sugar flower to keep the effect streamlined and chic. It will be the perfect addition to your blue and yellow wedding.

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