Making the Perfect Wedding Invitation Sample!!

You plan every part of your wedding in detail, including your wedding invites. These are the most important part of your wedding. They tell the receiver everything there is to know about the wedding. This is why a proper etiquette is followed while writing these invitations.

Given below is a common format for a wedding invitation:

Before you start writing invitation letters, decide on who is announcing the wedding- the couple's parents or the bride and groom themselves.

The next point to consider is whether you want your invitation to be formal or informal. If it is a formal invitation, you can use 'Mr. and Mrs. John request the honor of your presence', and if it is an informal invitation, you can use 'Please join us'.

The tone of the invitation also depends on the venue of the wedding. If it is taking place in a place of worship, it needs to be a formal invitation.

A traditional invitation will consist of the bride's name after her parents' names, e.g.: Mr. and Mrs. John request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Elizabeth John.

The groom's name is written after the bride's name. For example, continuing the above example: to Henry Jake Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Write the date of the wedding: Thursday, Eighth of August, 2000.

Below the date, mention the time of the wedding, venue and the full address of the location.

If possible, enclose a map to the venue and a stamped reply card.

Here is a wedding invitation sample:

Mr. and Mrs. Sam John

along with

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown

request the honor of your presence

at the wedding of their children

Elizabeth John


Henry Jake Brown

Thursday, 8th August, 2004

At 1:00 pm

Zxy Towers

45th Street


The above is a standard form of wedding invitation used by almost all wedding couples. You can make your own wedding based on a theme and write a unique wedding invitation letter.

For example if you have a Fairy tale wedding theme, you can write:

"Wish upon a star, it really does come true!"

Join us in our own happily ever after

By joining hands in wedded bliss,

Elizabeth John and Harry Jake Brown

Thursday, 8th August, 2004

One o'clock in the noon

Zxy Towers

45th Street


The guest list is made depending upon how big a wedding you are planning. If the wedding is a big affair then your friends, family, friends of the family and work colleagues of both the families are invited. In a small wedding you have to choose the guest list carefully.

Make sure that your invitations are ready and sent out two or three months prior to the wedding date. If there are many guests who are not living in the same town as you, send the invitations three months before the wedding as they will require time to plan and arrange their travel in advance.

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