Why Not to Worry About Wedding Myths

Wedding myths go back many years. Most people may have no idea where they come from. Many are passed down from generation to generation. They actually mean very little today. Here are a few superstitions, and reasons why not to worry about wedding myths.

Wearing white

It is often said that only a virgin should wear white. This does not have to be adhered to. Many brides have lovely ceremonies that turn out beautiful. It has nothing to do with their sexual practices. In fact, this should be of little concern. If the bride wants white, she should wear white. This is especially true, if it is a first wedding for the bride. However, there are no rules about subsequent weddings either.

Years ago this belief may have had purpose. It was very important to remain pure before weddings. A white dress would assure everyone that the bride was a good girl.

Not seeing the bride

This belief is often adhered to. The groom is not supposed to see the bride on the day of the wedding. That is, until the ceremony begins. This belief may have some premise in the past. Perhaps one person had an unlucky experience after seeing his bride.

Bride's parents have to pay

This is an often believed thing too. There is no set rule about the parents of the bride paying for the wedding. This probably goes back in time a long ways. The father of the bride is expected to provide a dowry for his daughter. Perhaps they are anxious to have a new son-in-law. Maybe they are willing to pay for the honor. A son can help with the family business or farm. They are still considered valuable in many cultures.

In primitive societies, arranged marriages and dowries are still openly practiced. It is not uncommon for parents to pay huge sums. This may include livestock and land. However, in a civilized society, this is not necessary. The best thing to do, is split the cost. If one family can better afford the ceremony, that is a good rule to follow.

Crying brides

It is supposed to be good luck for brides to cry at their wedding. Supposedly the tears will take away the need for tears in the marriage. It may also be to bring rain. This may go back to ancient times, where children are sacrificed. Their tears are supposed to bring rain. This may be a good tradition to avoid.

Wearing black

People are not supposed to wear black to weddings. This may have come about from many June weddings in the past. Black is uncomfortable in warmer weather. In the past where there is no air conditioning, this rule makes sense. However, there is little reason to be concerned about it.

Many of these beliefs are simply superstitions. However, you may not wish to offend the bride or groom. In that case, traditions and superstitions are a good thing to adhere to.


Wedding traditions and superstitions have no place in today's world. However, you may wish to go along with them, if it makes people feel better. In some cases, it may be considered disrespect. Otherwise, there is no real cause for concern. There are many reasons, why not to worry about wedding myths.

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