Things To Think About When Planning A Summer Wedding

The British summertime, short and sweet, but truly magical - the months of May through to August showcase some of the best aspects of our country: blue skies, green fields and sunshine.

For these very reasons, many opt for a summer wedding but how can you organise a summer wedding that stands out?

Picking a venue

The English countryside is full of beautiful historic houses that come to life when the sun shines and you will certainly be spoilt for choice! Take your time to look around these venues and choose the one that works best for you; chances are you will be visiting the property when the weather isn't so great but try to imagine how the house and garden will look during the summer months.

If you want an outdoor wedding then make sure you pay particular attention to the grounds of the property: do they allow outdoor weddings? Will the lawn be big enough for a marquee?

An indoor wedding, on the other hand, will need other considerations: will you be able to capture enough of the summer through the windows and doors? Is there a patio where your friends can relax whilst the sun goes down?

Picking an outfit

Dressing for a summer wedding can be fun - a whole host of styles can be worn during the summer. Women can opt for flowing skirts and tops as well as pretty, colourful summer dresses. If there is a slight chill in the air then a small cardigan can be added.

Men can wear smart trousers with comfortable shirts; with or without a tie depending on the level of formality of the wedding.

Picking a theme

Reds, blues, yellows and greens - a whole rainbow of colours are available to use in a summer wedding so make the most of them! Encourage people to wear bright colours and mirror this in your decorations. Chair dressings, table decorations, invitations, balloons and food can all be used to express a summer theme.

If you would prefer a colour theme that isn't so bright then chose the pastel equivalent - this is a perfect way to capture the feeling of summer without causing headaches! Pastel colours can help to create a subtle colour theme for a more relaxed feel.


Make the most of the sun and blue skies by hiring an open topped car. Alternatively for a bit more of the 'wow' factor hire a horse drawn carriage to take you to the venue!


Expressing yourself with food is always fun and summer food is no exception! Light, yummy food like salads, fresh fish and fresh vegetables prove popular at summer weddings. A number of summertime fruits can be used to make delicious desserts such as strawberries, raspberries and lemons.

There are many aspects to creating a summer wedding that truly stands out but however you choose to organise yours make sure that the two most important aspect are catered for - your partner and you.

Eat, drink and enjoy the sunshine with your nearest and dearest!

Dom Evans is a well travelled writer who is now concentrating on utilizing his experiences in advising on the best stag do destinations. He currently works at Playaway Weekends (, researching and sampling world wide stag do destinations.

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