There're Many Types of Wedding Favors, Choose Wisely

Married couples give away wedding favors for three main reasons. Primarily, it serves to show their thankfulness for the effort and cooperation shown by the entire cast of principal participants in the wedding. This includes the bridesmaids, the best man and the couple's close relatives and friends. Another motive for distributing gifts on weddings is to heighten the excitement and joy of the occasion, especially during the wedding party. Thirdly, these gifts may serve as memorabilia or keepsakes. Distributing them will serve to keep that moment alive in the minds of those closest to the couple.

Because there are that many reasons for including wedding favors in the celebration, it is common practice to give out not just one but several favors. Some favors like candy and cookies are meant to relieve the tension of the guests. Others, such as necklaces and jewelry are meant to be kept as keepsakes.

Other wedding favors that serve as remembrances are the crystal figurines that have become staple in most weddings. Additionally, the host my have individual photographs of the participants taken, autographed and framed to be given away as memorabilia. Even soaps, perfumes, compact mirrors and lighters are acceptable in many social circles. To give that personalized touch to the gifts, the names of the recipients may be embroidered or carved into them whenever possible.

Formerly, jewel studded tin boxes containing expensive candies were the standard. Today, anything and everything that is either useful or decorative can be used. If you are planning your wedding and would like to have some idea about clever wedding favors, you should visit sites that deal in items along the lines of wedding accessories and wedding favors. Sites which devote themselves to silver jewelry may also have attractive products to offer you in their catalogs.

You won't have to spend much to get impressive wedding favors. What you will need to add to the item is the hint of concern that all people appreciate. The best way to show your concern for the recipient is to mark the item as theirs. This is done by attaching tags with their names to the gift or having the gift embroidered or engraved with their initials. Those are some good ways to make even the most commonplace gifts unique. Personalizing the gift will also enhance its inherent value.

This is the reason why silver jewelry are so appropriate for this use. It is easy to have the guests' names embroidered on the silver and they will last for long years afterwards. To do this, you will have to order the jewelry far ahead of the occasion itself. When the day finally arrives, the necklaces, earrings and rings can be worn to the wedding by the people you are giving them to. Because silver jewelry endures and will often be worn by people they will do a lot to remind people of your wedding day.

The money value of the present itself has less to do with the effectiveness of wedding favors than the appeal of the gift and the manner in which it is packaged. The way the item was given to the recipient also contributes a lot to the pleasure of your guests.

Bennetta Elliott is a writer for Personalized Gift Express, which offers wedding favors and groomsmen gifts.

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