An Insight Look at the Meaning of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are distributed as an expression of gratitude from the bride and groom to all who had a key role to play in the ceremonies. This group includes the entire bridal entourage as well as the best man, the relatives of the bride and groom and their close friends. The act of giving out gifts is also one way to please and flatter the special guests of the wedding. Finally, these favors may be given as keepsakes to keep the memory of the occasion alive for many years to come.

The first wedding favors could only be afforded by the rich. Those were usually tin boxes, resembling jewelry containers, which were often studded with semi-precious stones and were signs of the aristocracy of the host. Today wedding favors signify more basically human values. On the whole, they stand for good will and close attachments among the people attending the wedding celebration. Photos of the participants in the wedding are often taken days before. When the photos are done, these are autographed by the bride and groom and placed into elegant frames. They are given to the persons concerned as wedding mementos on the day itself.

Other excellent memorabilia are silver jewelry items, often combined with birthstones or beautiful crystals. Sets of earrings and necklaces with pendants engraved with the receiver's name are also great favorites to give away. Engraved rings, likewise, are popular. Sometimes necklaces and bracelets of sparkling crystals are distributed to the bridesmaids. Silver cufflinks, likewise engraved with names are similarly given to the best man.

Wedding favors need not even be made of silver and birth stones. Practically anything that can be used, or consumes or kept as memorabilia is eligible for giving. Some of the more frequent gifts are scented soaps, engraved match boxes for gentlemen, compact mirrors for ladies, votive and tea light holders, personalized cutlery, personalized handkerchiefs, mint candy tins, mugs and glasses. There is practically no limit to the choices.

Specialty shops specializing in cutlery, jewelry and soaps are the places where you can have your wedding favors customized for your guests. There are also, companies that specialize in wedding favors themselves. These are associated with specialty outfits and are a kind of one-stop shopping place where one can buy favors or have them customized in case none of the catalogued items meet the preferences of the client.

Another alternative people have is to make their own favors at home. Such gifts as candy pouches and boxed muffins can quite easily be done with the help of some instructions from the internet. Making boxes will require one to get the template drawing for the outline of the box. There are templates that can be downloaded for free, complete with folding instructions. A person can simply cut out cartolina paper into those shapes and fold them in the right places to come up with a box.

Preferably, get a template for a lidded box or a box with some type of cover. This will make the wedding favors more symmetrical and neat. Besides, if you use cartolina paper with beautiful textures, all you will need is some lace ribbon to complete the gift handsomely.

Bennetta Elliott is a writer for Personalized Gift Express, which offers wedding favors and bridesmaids gifts.

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