Bride and Groom Send Off Ideas

If you are like me, you might wait until the last minute to plan the bride and groom send off for your wedding. I considered the send off a "minor detail" and didn't think very much about it until my wedding was only two weeks away. By that time, I was so sick of making decisions that I didn't want to put much thought into it. As a result, I let my mom make the plans for me. She chose bubbles (and a really cool car!). I must admit that they did make for great pictures, but I wish I had been a little more creative. Here are a few ideas of fun and creative ways to send any bride and groom off...

1. Traditional Route: If you are having a traditional wedding, you should consider using rice or birdseed. There is even heart shaped rice now that is bird-friendly. The tradition of throwing rice at the bride and groom dates back many years. Consider wrapping them in tulle with pretty ribbons that match the color scheme of your wedding.

2. Modern Style: For a more modern look you can use rose petals, streamers, confetti, or glitter. These all make for great photo opportunities. Also, if you really want a "moment" people won't forget you can release a flock of doves, or a bunch of balloons. Don't forget to first check with your venue and know what is allowed and not allowed for the bride and groom send off. Some places will not allow anything that is messy.

3. Something Creative: I once saw a wedding where the bride was a Georgia fan, and the groom was a Georgia Tech fan. The couple made a big deal with the "house divided" theme for their wedding. They used pom-poms for the send off. Half were Georgia colors and the other half were Georgia Tech colors. It turned out to be really cute and creative.

4. No Mess: Some venues will not allow you to have anything that will make a mess. Some great "clean" ideas are bubbles, bells, or glow sticks. I came across this idea online. A girl had mini flags made that had YAY printed on them. I thought that was a really neat idea.

5. Outdoor Weddings: Great ideas for outdoor weddings are sparklers, candles or even butterflies. For sparklers, I recommend that you get at least 20 inch sparklers as they last about 90 seconds. You can find great deals on sparklers when you purchase them in bulk.

If you have waited until the last minute or you are tired of making decisions, I hope this will be of some help to you. But remember, the send off is an opportunity for your guests to honor you by celebrating your special day. Chances are there will be an element of surprise as your wedding party may decorate your car or take the rice throwing a little too seriously. Sometimes less planning leaves room for more spontaneous memories. Have fun and may your marriage be blessed!

Lindsay Crawford is a writer for Wholesale Event Solutions, a company offering discount wedding and event planning supplies including ostrich plumes, trumpet vases, tablecloths wholesale, and much more!

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