Dealing With Summer Wedding Heat

Summer is a very popular time of year for a wedding, but it is not without its own unique considerations. Chief among those is how to make sure that everyone stays cool and comfortable, even as temperatures rise. These are some great tips on dealing with summer wedding heat.

The bride should be sure to think about the weather when selecting her attire, especially for an outdoor wedding. Lightweight fabrics like tulle, chiffon, and organza will feel more comfortable than heavy satin. Natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and linen breathe much better than artificial materials like polyester or acetate. Of course, if your wedding gown is too lightweight, it may end up being overly transparent in the bright summer sun, so be careful to try it on in a strong light before purchasing. The right accessories will also help you to feel more comfortable, including your shoes, undergarments, and bridal jewelry. Dressy sandals in leather or silk will let feet breathe, airy bridal jewelry styles like tin cup necklaces will feel lighter than very heavy pieces, and going without stockings will surely be more comfy on a hot day.

The bridal party should plan their hair and makeup carefully for a summer wedding. You will be much cooler with long hair pulled up away from your neck. An updo will also help your hair survive a humid day without frizzing as much. Besides, what bride wants to have her hair hanging sweaty down her neck on her wedding day? There are many updos which are suitable for informal weddings, if yours is to be a relaxed type of event. Always do a trial run with your wedding makeup to see if it will melt, smear, or run in high heat. A good makeup artist can guide you to the oil-free products that will fare the best on a hot summer day. Be sure to keep blotting tissues handy to freshen up during the reception so that you will look cool and collected in the wedding photos.

It would not do to have your guests sweaty and miserable at your wedding, so make plans for their comfort too. If any part of your wedding will be held outdoors, shade is a must. Put up tents, set up the ceremony in the shade of a grand old tree, do whatever is necessary to get guests out of the direct summer sun. A great idea is to print your wedding programs on paper fans that guests can use, both for outside ceremonies and those held in non-air conditioned churches. A stand with fresh squeezed lemonade, iced tea, and bottled water is a thoughtful way to welcome your guests to a summer wedding. Keep in mind that on a very hot day, the interior of a tent can get uncomfortably warm and stuffy, so it may be necessary to rent portable air conditioning units for climate control.

For an outdoor wedding, food needs to be kept comfortable as well. Set up the wedding cake in a shady spot in the tent out of direct sunlight. Fondant will hold up better than buttercream when the mercury rises. On a very hot day, no cake should be left out for hours, so you may need to have your wedding cake kept in the refrigerator and presented close to the cake cutting time. Foods such as shrimp, crab legs, and lobster are all favorites of wedding guests, but can spoil very quickly, so they must be kept in the shade and served on ice to keep them fresh and delicious.

No one wants to sit down to a big heavy meal on a hot afternoon, so keep this in mind when planning your summer wedding menu. Chilled soups in shot glasses would be fun for the cocktail hour. There are many elegant cold dishes that would be nice for a summer wedding. Try a fancy take on pasta salad, such as angle hair, brie, and roasted asparagus served cold for a side dish. Grilled salmon or a citrusy chicken would make a better main course than a piece of beef with a rich Bernaise sauce. Offer your guests plenty of choices so that they can fill up, but keep everything light and summery so that they feel like dancing after dinner.

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