Why a Daisy Themed Wedding Would be Perfect For You

A daisy themed wedding is the kind of stuff that dreams are made up off for millions of women around the world. Any girl would love to take the solemn wedding vows amidst such a wonderful theme around her. If you are someone planning your wedding ceremony and reception then a theme based on good old daises should be on the top of your list. These flowers can add their own unique touch of elegance to the occasion. Everyone , right from the couple to the guests, are bound to carry fond memories of such a wedding ceremony and reception.

Daisies have always been synonymous with freshness and simplicity. This unique combination is further accentuated by their pure white petals and their yellow center. In fact, this unique combination is what has made them a favorite with weddings. You can introduce the them right from the wedding invitation. You can have great floral prints on the wedding invitation. These days it is not difficult to find the right designs too, what with the Internet to help you out. A simple online search is all that you need to find that right design.

If you are looking to complement the color of daisies with another color, then green would be just about perfectly suited. White is another color that you can use in abundance. An envelope with a daisy printed on it with its borders in green would make for an excellent wedding invitation. Similarly, you can also use spring green liberally to decorate the place where the wedding ceremony is taking place too. Spring green is always used to add a touch of elegance to decor. The color also adds a perception of depth , apart from being soothing to the eyes.

You need not confine the daisies to only the decor and the wedding invitation. Hand embroidered daisies on your wedding gown would be perfect to go in with the theme of the wedding. The daisy flower has always been an embodiment of freshness and what better way to feel and look fresh than by wearing a wedding gown that has got several daisies on it. Silk ribbon is usually used to create the pattern of daisies on wedding gowns. It is also not something that is difficult to create too.

In a daisy themed wedding, apart from green and white, yellow is another color that can be used liberally. The bridesmaid's dress for example could be in yellow. The attendants too can choose something that has both yellow and white on it. When choosing colors, the tone too should be carefully selected. For example, it is always better to go in for lighter shades of yellow, rather than bright fluorescent yellow, which would not go well with the other accessories and decor of the wedding. Pale yellow will also go down well with the jewelry chosen for the occasion. A drop pearl earrings or a tin cup necklace would be just about perfect with the daisy themed wedding. With the right color combination , your wedding is sure to leave everyone with memories for a lifetime.

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