Brown and White Wedding Theme - to Remember a Timeless Moment in Elegance

A color theme in a wedding can bring about a certain magical element to the atmosphere, and choosing a brown and white wedding theme is no exception. It not only brings magic but also elegance to the overall feel of the ceremony. It does so, by blending easily with other tones such as, the purity of white or the classiness of black. Another advantage of this motif is that it is easy to plan but the results you will get are magnificent.

Besides being simple, one reason for choosing a brown and white wedding theme is it allows you to be more artistic with your designs since it can go well with a dash here and there of certain colors. Let's say for example mixing lavender colored flowers with white roses in a clear vase to show the lovely colors of the stems inside it. Using that as a centerpiece you can then pair it with brown tablecloth and white napkins. In addition, Plates with a thin rim of gold coupled with silver utensils or wooden ones would be an elegant accent. Going for the wooden utensils, though gives an Asian or exotic feel to your design. These are just a few examples on what you can do to give your theme that extra oomph it needs. So remember, keep it simple and do not go overboard on the accents or it might just overpower the main color.

Now that's done we move on to the juicy bits: Food! Don't tell my friend this, but I think the only reason she came to my sisters wedding is because of the food. Any wedding that has chocolate will never go wrong. And what better way to complete the theme than to have a big five layer dark chocolate cake, made elegant by a ring of white accent, painted with luster dust to give it that shiny magical look. Feeling the same way about chocolate, my sister had a terrific idea of putting the dark chocolate cake on the center of a rectangular table while surrounding it with small chocolate goods. It was a perfect brown and white wedding!

With this in mind, we move on to the decorations, which will help you in making your wedding just as perfect. Decorating your brown and white wedding shouldn't be too much of a problem. As I said before, that's the beauty of brown, the planning is simple, but the result will be majestic. For the tablecloth you can either use brown for an earthly feel or white if you prefer a more serene vibe. A group of flowers would be a fantastic centerpiece, but if you're feeling a bit adventurous why not try brown and white candles in a big transparent glass vase. The flickering of the fire gives your guest a greater sense of that romantic feeling which you'll have in abundance on your wedding date. You can also use white tulle bows as pew markers which blends well with the brown chairs that line the aisle. Not only is tulle easy to use but also comes in an assortment of colors. So if you'd like to have white chairs and brown tulle then that's no problem at all. Similarly, balloons are an easy to use decor that can add an extra flair to your decorations. You can tie white ribbons on brown balloons and brown ribbons on white balloons.

And last but certainly not the least is wedding favors. You know what they say... "The way to a man's heart is food." - Well, it also applies to guests. Chocolate goods in a brown box coupled with white ribbon would bring a fitting touch to the whole brown and white wedding theme. I'm sure they'll remember you with every bite.

Those are just a few reasons on why brown can make a lasting impression on you and your guest. Creating that timeless feeling of perfection one feels when something great is about to happen. Remember, a theme can help you make perfection but it is creativity that assures it. So go out there and get creative with your brown and white wedding theme.

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