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Do you have a large group of friends and one of them is getting engaged? So, an engagement can be a great memory for you and your friend, if you celebrate this occasion with the proper expression of your emotions to him/her. A perfect gift can do this job very well. While selecting a gift it is necessary to draft a budget for the engagement gift. It will help you to sort out some options from a large range and types of gifts. The second necessary thing is to decide whether the gift will be personal, for the couple or an emotional one. All these three types are good in their own way. However, it depends on your relationship with the person who is getting engaged. If you are very close, you can directly ask the person about his needs and ideas about the engagement gift. It will help you to gift the perfect thing he/she requires.

Surprise gift ideas need minute observation of the person's likes and dislikes. You can get feedback from his close friends, fiance and other relatives. This spying activity will give you some intelligent engagement gift ideas.

Remember few things before you buy an engagement gift for your pal. 1) Do not offer according to your choice, rather go for his/her choice. 2) Do not buy the gift in a hurry, have a proper time to scan two to three shops before you actually buy it. It will give value for your money. 3) try to avoid traditional gift ideas as these may be repeated by many other people.

Personal engagement gift is the perfect idea. As the wedding is very near, you can gift things to contribute to the preparation of the wedding. For example, wedding suit, shoes, tie, bracelets, tiepin, designer nightwear are some of these ideas. Such engagement gift will not only make him/her happy but also help him to manage the expenses for the marriage party. As you are going to offer it right at the engagement, he/she can have the time to arrange all other relevant things according to the unique and useful engagement gift you have offered.

Such engagement gift ideas for girls include wedding purse, wedding footwear, accessories, bridal make up kit, jewelry box, pearl necklace set and such other some brilliant engagement gift ideas. These will help the bride to prepare herself on her D day.

Ideal engagement gift ideas for men are suits, tuxedos, shoes, engagement ring holder, tie and leather accessories like waist belt, wallet etc. As you are going to offer them on the occasion of an engagement, the groom will find other matching apparel accordingly before the marriage ceremony.

Gift for the couple is also one of the best engagement gift ideas. This suggests your support to the union. This is the nice feeling for both of them. Acceptance and love of the relatives of the partner make them really comfortable with each other. So, you assure them of your support through your outstanding engagement gift. This could be anything right from a wedding cake topper to the household material to make up their home. Kitchenware, bowl set, dinner set, table ware, glass ware, wind bells, tools for gardening, show pieces, embossed frames, paintings, ceramic frames and such things prove good engagement gifts. Such engagement gifts remain as a permanent memory for the couple.

If you neither want to gift traditional engagement gift nor a personal and even not an emotional one, you can go for funny engagement gift ideas. Basket of chocolates, bottle of Champaign, funny to do list for the marriage, personalized key chains engraved with names in a comic style, count down timer set on the wedding date, books like 'ways to be happy even after marriage' etc. are some comic engagement gift ideas. So, select the perfect gift according to your relationship and please your friend at his/her engagement ceremony.

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