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Ask any of your married friends about bridal day stress and you will sure to still be talking with them two hours later.

Your once-in-a-life-time special day should be stress free. But if you want to experience this then you will need to plan very well. There is always so much to do on your actual wedding day so planning will make it flow better.

There is so much to do on your actual wedding day that a day in a busy office would be like taking a day off compared to your wedding day. Asking for support from everyone that you can will make your special day more special.

Your wedding day will be full for sure but stress can be avoided as long as you get lots of support and plan well. Remember your bridal professionals are there to take the stress from you and if have planned well a few of your close friends will be there to catch any problems for you and solve them.

Around ten years ago pre-wedding photography came into its own in Singapore as a way to have a more enjoyable actual wedding day. Today it is very popular. With Singapore having a lot of traditional Asian style weddings doing a lot of the main photography before the wedding is often essential. Traditional weddings are involving and detailed and involve usually a large number of people. Getting the main photos done ahead of time is essential.

Switched on wedding photographers started to offer pre-bridal photography packages so that not only could the stress be removed from the actual day, any risk with bad weather was removed and also then an album was available at the reception.

Pre-wedding packages come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the packages offered will include both outdoor shots as well as studio shots. Simply ask your photographer what will be included in your package.

As well as ensuring you get a great set of photos for your album, pre-wedding photos mean that you have something special to show at your actual wedding to your guests, which is always nice.

Pre-wedding photography is catching on around the world now. It may not be called pre-bridal in other countries but the idea still exists. If your photographer has not suggested doing a pre-wedding shoot then ask them for a price as part of the overall wedding package. Booking the two together - pre and actual day photography will save you money for sure and will allow you to bargain a little.

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