Wedding Invitations: Make Your Guests Feel Precious!

Wedding invitation can be a symbol of your concern for you guests. With some innovative ideas, you can make it a greeting of affection and blended with hearty invitation. Pick some ideas from this article to please your guests.

Wedding invitations are very common and generally people pick them at any nearby store. An ordinary invitation doesn't make your guests to feel that they are really invited by invited by wholeheartedly.

Creative wedding invitations do not only please your guests but also proclaims the nature of your wedding party. Traditional wedding party arranged at church, a beach wedding ceremony, party at garden etc are some options to celebrate your wedding and your wedding invitations carry the theme of your wedding party.

Wedding invitations are generally printed on a card board like thick paper. Embossing, color printing etc. are some artistic ways to decorate it. However the format and color combination of such invitation card is something on which you can apply your creativity. Have some different of unusual color combinations, go for unusual but attractive wedding card shapes.

Quotes you mention on wedding invitations are really very important in the impression of wedding card. Find out love poems, wisdom quotes, and comic couplets of love to mention on your wedding card. Select the best suited according to your wedding party theme and location.

Envelop of a wedding card is a neglected thing so far. You can change this tradition by decorating envelop too. Use of pretty laces, cartoon wedding couple, save the date note on envelop etc. are some ways to decorate envelop of wedding card.

Take care of the emotions of your elders while sending invitations to them. If you are having a comic theme for your wedding invitation, take care that it doesn't hurt the traditional beliefs of elders. If you are not sure that elders will like it or not and still want to have it, you can make three categories. Family members and relatives is the first category, friends come under second category and third category is for colleagues and professional team-members. Three types of invitation cards will be quite expensive than but it will help you to concentrate on your contacts and serve the best invitation to each of them. Even you can build business contacts by a well-oriented wedding invitation.

Wedding parties carry theme and dress code these days. You can decorate wedding card accordingly. If the theme is "go green", you can use brown and green in color combination. Picture of a Christmas tree suits best on your wedding invitation card when the theme is winter or Christmas. Cartoons, decorative flowers and symbolic miniature l heart shapes or balloons can be used to decorate the wedding invitations.

Some of well known forms of passes could be imitated in your comic invitation card. For example movie ticket form, pass of the bus format and passport format. You can arrange funny quotes accordingly. For example name of the "bus stop: nuptial knot, route through heart link" etc. on a passport format of invitation card, you can make a design like stamped logo which says "bound forever." You can have various comic options if you think in a creative view. Have good printer to drag your creativity into reality. Tell the card designer or copier about your idea and consult him about its practicality.

In fact, you yourself are the best designer for designing a wedding invitation card. So, find out various novel ideas to make your wedding card an attractive one. Invite in a unique style. Please your guests with a unique wedding invite!!

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