Wedding Insurance - Is it All Just a Bit of a Con?

Are you one of the many people who are planning a wedding, but haven't yet decided on wedding insurance? Perhaps you may even be wondering whether you need wedding insurance at all?

It's a common enough question, and a lot of people are confused as to whether they really need a wedding insurance policy when not only do they have several insurance policies already, but so do the companies and service providers they're booking.

Many people will already have home contents insurance which will cover any damage at home or loss of items, and if you have a good policy you may well be covered for damage or loss of items taken out of the home too.

You certainly have car insurance for getting there and back, and if you are having your wedding abroad you'll probably have travel insurance. Then there are credit cards, because many of these will offer an insurance scheme which will give you your money back in many situations.

Having considered all of these, as well as anything else you have such as health insurance, you may feel that wedding insurance is simply an extra you don't really need. After all, besides your own possessions, travel and transport, the only other aspect is the venue and service providers, all of whom will almost certainly have their own forms of insurance.

It's easy to lull yourself into a false sense of security, feeling that almost everything is covered already, and that there is so little that isn't covered that statistically it is highly unlikely that anything will go wrong, at least, nothing too serious. Wedding insurance doesn't cost a lot, but it's an extra cost, and if you choose not to have it you may even be able to afford an extra couple of bottles of wine for the guests at your reception.

However, wedding insurance is not there as a means for insurance companies to make a small profit out of your romance. Wedding insurance policies do help to cover aspects of your wedding which are never likely to be covered by any other policies you or your service providers may have, no matter how comprehensive those policies might be.

For example, if any of your service providers go bankrupt, then insurance won't be of any help to them or to you, unless you have your own wedding insurance. If a service provider gets the wrong date, double books, forgets or confuses the details of your order with someone else, then no insurance cover you have other than wedding insurance is going to cover you.

Your home insurance or credit card cover won't help you if any of your wedding presents are stolen, lost or damaged, and if any of your wedding guests have an accident at the venue then you'll almost certainly require the liability insurance that's included in most wedding insurance policies.

Once you start to look in to it properly you find that actually there are a huge number of potential problems for which there would never be any form of cover or protection other than that provided by a wedding insurance policy, and quite apart from such issues being reasonably minor inconveniences, they're usually pretty catastrophic in nature. If it means having one or two fewer bottles of wine on the table it's a price worth paying rather than paying for the entire wedding twice over.

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