The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Checklist

Are you the sort of woman who would never dream of going grocery shopping without makeup? Do you always strive to look your best in any situation? Then for your wedding, nothing short of perfection will do! Get prepared for your nuptials with the ultimate bridal beauty checklist.

Skin: This is where it all begins. If your skin is in tip-top shape, it will only take a minimum of makeup to attain the coveted bridal glow. Begin with regular facials once you become engaged. Every four to six weeks will ensure that your pores are unclogged and your skin is as radiant as possible. If you have waited until your thirties to get married, speak to your aesthetician or dermatologist about more intensive treatments that can really refresh your skin, such as microdermabrasion and peels. Waited until over age 40 to find Mr. Right? High maintenance brides turn to their dermatologists for Botox, collagen fillers, and other treatments to reverse the signs of aging. And if you happen to get a nasty pimple the week of your wedding, run to your doctor for a cortisone injection to kill the blemish in a flash.

Eyelashes: I just recently learned that it is possible to get eyelash extensions attached to your existing lashes. Adhered one at a time, the extensions last for weeks, and will hold on through tears at the ceremony as well as splashing in the ocean on your honeymoon. Running close to $2000, eyelash extensions are not for everyone. However, a good makeup artist can add individual false eyelashes for your wedding day for a minimal cost. While the old fashioned strip of false lashes is very dramatic, adding just a few to the corners of your lashline can look very natural - if your natural happens to include fabulous lashes that open up your eyes. If you are going for an ultra-glamorous look, you can even have lash extensions with tiny crystals on them; perfect for matching a great pair of Swarovski crystal earrings!

Body: Frankly, when preparing your body for your wedding day, I think the best place to start is with a relaxing massage. Beyond, that, there are all sorts of techniques available to improve the appearance and feeling of your skin. Brides who have chosen wedding gowns with open backs may wish to add regular back facials to their beauty care regimen to ensure that their skin is flawless for the wedding. There are also numerous types of detoxifying wraps and even wraps which will temporarily diminish the appearance of cellulite - great for a beach honeymoon.

Hair: Nothing less than silky lustrous hair will do for your wedding day. Begin by getting regular haircuts to keep split ends at bay. If you highlight your hair, this is the time to splurge on a top notch colorist, even if you are normally a DIY girl. Bridal hair looks best when the color is natural, as it is the most timeless. To tame frizzy hair, there are thermal straightening treatments available, and a deep conditioning treatment is a good idea for any bride to make sure her mane is in tip top shape.

Nails: As soon as you become engaged, manicures are a must. Everyone will be looking at your hands to check out your engagement ring, after all! The week of your wedding, treat yourself to a paraffin manicure which will make your hands as smooth as silk. Keep your bridal manicure classic and simple; neutral polish, a French manicure, pale pink, or classic red are the best options for nailpolish. Yes, it would be cute to have your monogram done on your nails in crystals to match your Swarovski crystal earrings, but it is not a good idea for the wedding day. Save the sparkly nail details for the honeymoon. As for a pedicure, the answer is yes, please. You want your nails to be neat and your feet to be free of rough callouses. Even if you are wearing closed shoes for your wedding, you do not want to have raggedy feet for your honeymoon! Not only that, but a good pedicure is just the kind of pre-wedding pampering to help melt away all that stress. After all, brides, the better you feel, the better you will look.

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