Wedding Gowns: Finding "The One"

Shopping for a bridal gown can bring up so many emotions, running from elation ("I am getting married") to excitement (what could be more gorgeous than a wedding gown) to despair ("What if I don't find my dream dress?") to shock ("This dress costs how much?!"). Without a doubt, the pressure to find the perfect wedding dress can feel immense, especially for brides who are working with a short time frame. These are some great tips to help you find the wedding gown that is "the one" with a minimum of stress and a maximum of fun.

First of all, there is the question of cost. It will do you no good to fall in love with a $20,000 wedding gown when your budget is $2000. On the other hand, it helps to have an understanding of what is a reasonable price range for the style of wedding gown that interests you before you begin shopping to avoid any nasty sticker shock in the bridal salon. There are a lot of brides who start out with a goal figure in mind, only to learn that there is no way they will find the dress they are looking for in that price range. Rather than put yourself in the position of having to make a snap decision about blowing your budget while standing on a pedestal in the wedding gown of your dreams, do some advance research on the Internet to get a sense of what you should expect to pay for what you want. That way you can adjust your wedding budget accordingly and avoid disappointment.

A lot of brides wonder how they will feel when they find "the one". If you do not burst into tears of joy the moment you put on a wedding gown, could it still be the right one for you? Absolutely! If you are not the sort of woman to be overcome by emotions on a daily basis, it may well not happen when you find the perfect bridal gown. Absent the flood of tears, what should you expect? Well, you should definitely feel gorgeous, like you have dropped ten pounds instantly, and like you can't wipe the smile off your face. A very good clue is that you do not want to take the dress off. If you have been standing in front of the mirror in the store for an hour admiring the gown and trying on all sorts of veils, headpieces, and bridal jewelry, the chances are you have found your gown.

Another great tip when it comes to finding the perfect wedding gown is to know yourself. You should definitely be open to styles that your bridal consultant wants to show you, but you can help her by cluing her in to your absolute must have features. Be honest! Do you love your bum? Tell her, so that she will show you styles which accentuate your favorite feature. Are you really into comfy clothing? You might feel truly at ease in a wedding gown with pockets (yes, they exist!). Maybe you can't stand clothing that is clingy over your middle; let your consultant know so she does not waste time pulling sheath gowns for you. About half the brides who go into a bridal salon say that they want to look like a princess (and the other half say that they are trying to avoid the princess look!). Give your bridal consultant more of your genuine personality to go on, and you will save a lot of time.

One final piece of advice is to only go wedding gown shopping with those who will be supportive...and honest. If you and your mom have never seen eye to eye on fashion, maybe she is not going to be the best sounding board for you. Take a close friend who really gets your sense of style, and bring mom along to the first fitting to help you pick out your bridal jewelry, veil, and other accessories. And only bring a couple of people with you to shop, or you will end up with so many conflicting opinions that your own voice will be lost in the crowd. With these thoughts in mind, it will be much easier to find the perfect wedding gown. And when you do find "the one", snap it up without hesitation!

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