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If you are reading this, you probably enjoy a wedding show on tv as much as I do. Whether you are a bride-to-be or have been married for years, there is something about watching other women plan their weddings that is always a lot of fun. For all of you who think that the best part of wedding planning is bridal gown shopping, there is a cute new television show called "Girl Meets Gown" which is worth checking out.

One thing that sets "Girl Meets Gown" apart from other shows about bridal gown shopping like "Say Yes to the Dress" (which I adore; can't get enough of Randy!) is the location. Unlike "Say Yes to the Dress", which takes place in New York, "Girl Meets Gown" is filmed at a salon in Dallas. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and this is definitely true about wedding gowns, veils, and bridal jewelry sets. What qualifies as a simple little dress for a forest wedding in Dallas would be considered a lavish formal gown in New England. It certainly makes for entertaining viewing.

The basic premise of "Girl Meets Gown" is that it follows several brides in their search for the perfect bridal gown. We get a glimpse into their lives, learn a little bit about their weddings, their fiances, what they want in a wedding gown and how much they want to spend. The salon at which the show is filmed is interesting because it offers a wide range of price points in gowns. Personally, I thought this was a nice detail, as it allows any bride watching to see someone who is looking for something around her same budget. It is a far cry from a program like "Platinum Weddings", in which every gown is a designer gown and the bridal jewelry sets cost more than most people's cars. This is not to say that some of the dresses the brides try are not pricey, just that not all of them cost a fortune.

Women who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of a bridal salon will enjoy the behind-the-scenes commentary offered by the owners of the shop and their staff. You can see their secret panic when a bride comes in to shop who has no time to spare, and their palpable relief when they are able to secure a rush delivery on the bride's favorite gown. Then there is the shock of a consultant who thinks her bride is coming in for a final fitting, only to learn that the young woman has changed her mind and wants to order a new dress. The first thing that comes to the minds of the owners is, "I hope she realizes that she owns that first gown and cannot return it!". Fortunately, the bride did, and then we got to see her joy as she found a wedding gown that she was sure was the perfect one, not to mention the happy surprise of the consultant who got to sell two dresses to one bride.

The human side of the brides on "Girl Meets Gown" is the most interesting part of the program. Many brides-to-be can sympathize with the feelings of the woman who just couldn't feel pretty in a wedding gown until she reached her goal weight. We can also relate to the offbeat bride who was seeking a gown which she could put her personal stamp on and make unique. Or the woman who got swept up in the moment and ordered a wedding dress that her friends really liked, only to later realize that she did not like it as much as they did. Weddings are endlessly fascinating, and if you are looking for a fun way to spend an hour, you might just want to tune into "Girl Meets Gown".

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