Learn How to Bustle a Bridal Gown
Sure the train of your wedding gown is gorgeous, but it will be pretty hard to dance with it trailing behind you all through the reception. After the formal photographs are done, it is time to bustle your gown to get it off the floor and out of...
By Bridget Mora
Orange and Green Wedding Color Palette
At first glance, pairing orange and green might sound like a mis-match. Both are fairly strong colors, and if done poorly, they could certainly clash. However, if done well, orange and green can actually work in harmony, creating a wedding color...
By Bridget Mora
Wedding Invitations: Make Your Guests Feel Precious!
Wedding invitation can be a symbol of your concern for you guests. With some innovative ideas, you can make it a greeting of affection and blended with hearty invitation. Pick some ideas from this article to please your guests.
By Jim Karter
Wedding Insurance - Is it All Just a Bit of a Con?
Are you one of the many people who are planning a wedding, but haven't yet decided on wedding insurance? Perhaps you may even be wondering whether you need wedding insurance at all? It's a common enough question, and a lot of people are confused...
By Adam Leyton
Wedding Tips for the Bride and Groom
If you want to make your wedding successful then there are several wedding tips that you have to follow. It is recommended for both groom and bride that they should take extra care while selecting their wedding attire, wedding cake, wedding...
By Kevin Lawrence
The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Checklist
Are you the sort of woman who would never dream of going grocery shopping without makeup? Do you always strive to look your best in any situation? Then for your wedding, nothing short of perfection will do!
By Bridget Mora
Wedding Gowns: Finding "The One"
Without a doubt, the pressure to find the perfect wedding dress can feel immense, especially for brides who are working with a short time frame. These are some great tips to help you find the wedding gown that is "the one" with a minimum of stress...
By Bridget Mora
Cute New Television Wedding Show
If you are reading this, you probably enjoy a wedding show on tv as much as I do. Whether you are a bride-to-be or have been married for years, there is something about watching other women plan their weddings that is always a lot of fun.
By Bridget Mora
Including a Dress Code on Your Wedding Invitation
Getting the wording on your wedding invitations just right can be tricky. And there is more to it than just figuring out how to write the names and the specific wording for the event.
By Bridget Mora
How to Get Your Fiance Interested in the Wedding
Do you feel like you are the only one interested in your wedding? Do you ask your groom for his opinion, only to hear, "Whatever you think is fine"? Use these ideas to get your fiance interested in the wedding and...
By Bridget Mora
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