Small Ceremony, Big Reception
Some brides cannot wait for the drama of their grand entrance at the wedding ceremony, as they process down the aisle in front of hundreds of guests. For other brides, not so much!
By Bridget Mora
The Post-Wedding Brunch
As the wedding day has morphed into the wedding weekend, one event that has become quite popular is the post-wedding brunch. Although some brides may cringe at the idea of another event to organize and some guests feel like enough is enough...
By Bridget Mora
Have a Bug-Free Summer Wedding!
Summer is high season for outdoor weddings, but it also happens to be high season for pesky bugs. Don't let mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects ruin your wedding! Take a look at these tips...
By Bridget Mora
Why Not to Worry About Wedding Myths
Wedding myths go back many years. Most people may have no idea where they come from. Many are passed down from generation to generation. They actually mean very little today. Here are a few superstitions...
By Adrianna Noton
Things To Think About When Planning A Summer Wedding
The British summertime, short and sweet, but truly magical - the months of May through to August showcase some of the best aspects of our country: blue skies, green fields and sunshine. For these very reasons, many opt for a summer wedding but...
By Dom Evans
The Perfect Evening Dress Is No Longer A Distant Dream
An evening dress can magically transform a Plain Jane to a dazzling Cinderella. While the promise is very luring indeed, we somehow tend to get lost midway while shopping for the right dress.
By Olga Pomeransky
There're Many Types of Wedding Favors, Choose Wisely
Married couples give away wedding favors for three main reasons. Primarily, it serves to show their thankfulness for the effort and cooperation shown by the entire cast of principal participants in the wedding.
By Bennetta Elliott
An Insight Look at the Meaning of Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are distributed as an expression of gratitude from the bride and groom to all who had a key role to play in the ceremonies. This group includes the entire bridal entourage as well as the best man, the relatives of the bride and...
By Bennetta Elliott
Bride and Groom Send Off Ideas
If you are like me, you might wait until the last minute to plan the bride and groom send off for your wedding. I considered the send off a "minor detail" and didn't think very much about it until my wedding was only two weeks away.
By Lindsay Crawford
Choosing Church Decor For Your Wedding
If you're like me, you have dreamed about your wedding day since you were a little girl. You probably even had everything planned out in your head. Now the time has finally arrived for you to plan for the biggest day of you life. Marriage is...
By Lindsay Crawford
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