Wedding Cakes Inspired By Nature
One of the most special parts of any wedding reception is the cake. Always a showpiece, your cake is the perfect opportunity to express something about yourself or your wedding theme.
By Bridget Mora
Jack And Jill Wedding Showers
The traditional bridal shower is a ladies only event. While this can be lovely, as grooms have become more involved in the entire wedding process, it makes sense that they should be included in the pre-wedding parties as well.
By Bridget Mora
Polka Dots and Stripes in Wedding Design
Weddings are a festive occasion, so why not create a cheerful design that really says "celebration"? The traditional white and ivory weddings are lovely, of course, but it can be really fun to mix it up with bright colors and lively patterns.
By Bridget Mora
Are You Getting Married Overseas?
Many couples decide to get married overseas and of course there are many benefits to this. For one there is almost a guarantee of hot weather in some countries, while in the UK even sun cannot be guaranteed for a wedding in the summer. If you...
By Adam Leyton
Wedding Fundraisers: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Most little girls grow up dreaming of a beautiful wedding will all the trimmings. By the time you actually meet your Prince Charming, however, you have probably started to realize that a lavish wedding comes with a substantial price tag.
By Bridget Mora
What to Wear to a Bridal Shower
One of the most special events which precedes a wedding is the bridal shower. A lovely afternoon of gift giving, snacking, and chatting, no wedding would be complete without one.
By Bridget Mora
Blue and Yellow Wedding Colors
If you love bright and cheery colors, why not design an upbeat color palette for your wedding? It is hard to beat the winning combination of blue and yellow for a palette that is timeless, works well for popular wedding months, and is easy to find.
By Bridget Mora
Making the Perfect Wedding Invitation Sample!!
You plan every part of your wedding in detail, including your wedding invites. These are the most important part of your wedding.
By Jim Karter
Things to do After You Get Engaged
If you have just gotten engaged then congratulations are in order. You have just embarked upon an exciting journey that will culminate in your marriage. An engagement is a very important step...
By Felix Lehmann
Sticky Wedding Attire Situations
In a perfect world, you would breeze through planning your wedding without a hitch. In the real world, however, problems tend to crop up, some of which are caused entirely by other people!
By Bridget Mora
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