What is Loyalty?

Loyalty is most often referred to as an allegiance or being faithful to a person or an idea. And the media these days have given us a lot of choices which has also greatly affected how we perceive loyalty in a lot of ways. Say for example, a typical Italian family shows their strong sense of loyalty to each other. A single disloyal action can actually cause devastating effects on all the family members. These disloyal actions are mostly caused by influences outside the family which may include friends or ideas being brought up by the media.

Loyalty is simply creating relationships with people that actually involve mutual respect for each other. With loyalty, you are dedicated to the person. And these days, this idea don't necessarily exist. The idea people have of loyalty these days is loyalty to one's self. People have become too focused on the choice presented to them that forget about the loyalty they need to have to one person or situation.

We find ourselves easily attracted to what is new and exciting that most of the time, we forget to value the relationships we have with people. Staying loyal has taken a back seat because we try to please ourselves first and we focus too much on the things we want. In the process, we loose our sense of patience and determination to stay in a relationship.

When we look at people who have been married for a long time, we wonder how they do it. Many marriages last for more then over fifty years. And what these people will tell you is that the secret to a lasting relationship is loyalty and dedication. And not just taking in the good times all the time, but the bad times as well. Part of what keeps us loyal with one another is accepting the good as well as the bad. If you don't deal with the bad times, you are letting go of something that you can learn from. Never expect to get everything you want without giving out nothing in return. Relationships should be give and take. The reason why some relationships fail is because people expect to get everything without offering nothing in return.

One of the most common misconception today would be being true and loyal only to yourself, regardless of whether you're hurting people or not. These are the kind of people whose attention is wasted all to themselves. Self centered people will never think about being sincere to others because they only see themselves.

Loyalty can only come from a strong feeling of respect, not just for others, but for one's self as well. When you don't respect others or yourself, tendency is, you will not succeed in any relationship you'll have.

When we don't have loyalty, it affects the depth of the relationship we have with other people. Loyalty can never be without show of actions. We should all understand what it means to be loyal. We have to have the desire to unselfishly commit to each other in order to be loyal.

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