5 Signs Your Marriage Isn't Going to Work
For many people, getting served with divorce papers will come as an extremely unpleasant surprise. For others, it can be a slow, but inevitable, conclusion to a marriage that was slowly dying. No matter which camp you fall into, a divorce is a...
By LYMT Content Author
Creative Ways to Ignite Romantic Feelings in Your Love Relationships
When you are currently in a long-term partnership, you cannot prevent the fact that there will always silent moments in your relationship. Other than being dull, there are moments when both of you can feel that your activities are in routine.
By Janet West
Getting Over Infidelity
So many individuals are currently trying to get over infidelity, but they have problems doing so. This is because getting over infidelity isn't exactly easy. They say that time heals the pain, but really, once you have been cheated on...
By Ashley Harrison
Overcome the Pain of Affair Memories
Some people avoid relationships because they have been cheated on in the past and they never want to go through that pain again. A break up in a relationship is the most hurting situation ever and to overcome the pain of affair memories is...
By Ashley Harrison
How to Survive an Affair and Deal With Shattered Emotions
Do wish that you could be permanently numb, and be able to escape the pain of shattered emotions? If you do, then you're not on your own... many spouses who are trying to survive the shattering trauma of an affair wish they didn't have to go...
By Ashley Harrison
Prenup Agreement - Legal and Financial Issues
The laws and regulations that govern our life are staggeringly complex. No one, not even an attorney, can know them all. But, like it or not, your marriage is subject to a myriad of rules and restrictions imposed upon it by the jurisdiction(s)...
By Shela Dean
What is Loyalty?
Loyalty is most often referred to as an allegiance or being faithful to a person or an idea. And the media these days have given us a lot of choices which has also greatly affected how we perceive loyalty in a lot of ways.
By Irsan Komarga
Organising a Summer Stag Do
Summer time: sun, beer, BBQ's and chilling with your mates. What better time of year to organise a stag do?! Summer is the most popular time of year for stag dos and it's easy to see why...
By Dom Evans
Three Ways to Bring Playfulness (Back) Into Your Relationship
Remember when you and your sweetheart first met? You counted the minutes until you saw him again. You called just to hear her sweet voice. The air was alive with the snap, crackle & pop of sexual energy. You couldn't get enough of each other...
By Shela Dean
"Why Are My Partners Always Needy?"
Angelo had been married to Serena for 15 years before divorcing. In his marriage, Angelo was a caretaker, always trying to please Serena, always trying to get her approval and avoid her disapproval.
By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
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