New Years Resolutions for Best Friends

It's that time of year again. Time to make a list of the things you'd like to achieve this year, things to make you a better person in body and spirit. But, if you're struggling to come up with your own resolutions, why not make this the year that you become a better friend?

Forget the workouts and diets, it's time to get in tip-top shape as a mate. If you're the type of person who always calls days after your friend's birthday or forget to buy a gift until the last-minute try following these five simple steps to become a more organised and valued person.

STEP 1: First you have to 'remember the date'. That's right. No more receiving a last-minute Facebook message saying that it's your friend's birthday TODAY. Or, even worse, finding out when they mention it weeks after the fact.

Try getting a bit of structure back in your life with some of the amazing organisation and reminder apps currently on the market. Evernote, Awesome Note & Timeful are just some of the hundreds of apps that you can use to set up reminders and alerts.

Why not make this year's resolution that you become a better friend?

So, call up all of your friends and family and ask them when their birthday is. Then, open up your app and add the date in. If you can find out the person's birth year and any other information (address, hobbies, favourite colour) add that in too. If you receive any information about events or anniversaries from here on in it all gets recorded in the app and you look like the best listener ever.

STEP 2: Next you need to set up a reminder for each of these events approximately one month before the actual date.

Make sure you set an alarm for a month before the date and give your friend a phone call. Disguised in your caring phone call will be many covert questions about what the person on the other end has been up to. This is an information reconnaissance mission to find out what the person is interested in and you mustn't come right out and ask 'what would you like for your birthday?' That will ruin the surprise later on.

Set up a reminder for each event approximately one month before the actual date

Not only will you gather information for your surprise, you'll also find out a bit more about the person you're speaking to and probably make your their day for listening.

STEP 3: Armed with this new information you can now set your mind to the perfect gift. Did your friend mention they had been camping? Perhaps they love horses? Now, not everyone can afford to buy a horse as a gift but you can get creative. For example, if they own a horse you can buy some nice grooming products. Or, a painting of a horse or even a horse ride!

Remember your friend's birthday and buy the perfect gift

Your friend will be super impressed that you cared enough to not only remember their birthday and buy a gift but also listen during the conversation you had one month prior to their special day.

STEP 4: During your reconnaissance phone call you should aim to find out what your friend thinks is a really good night out. Is it a movie at home, a dinner out or a wild all night party? Don't get them mixed up or plan for something you'd prefer because all you'll do is make your mate miserable or bored. So, get your planning hat on and organise their special night.

You could even organise a surprise birthday party

If your best mate is quite social then you obviously want to get friends and family involved. You could even organise a surprise party. Whatever you're planning make sure you put some thought into it. If your mate likes 'Game Of Thrones' then have a dress up party where everyone comes as characters from the show.

STEP 5: Turn it up a notch! Don't forget balloons and flowers. Make a real event of their special day. Everyone will have a great time and your mate will feel like a King or Queen! Great, life-long friendships will be forged and you'll have some fun memories. And, who knows... maybe they'll return the favour.

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