Mother's Day: Information You Might Not Have Known About

On the second Sunday of the month of May in the United States of America is the national celebration of Mothers Day. This holiday had its beginnings in the year 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill declaring it a national holiday. The woman who receives credit for the spawning of this holiday is Anne Marie Jarvis. She established her own Mothers Day in the year 1905 on May 9th. Anne Marie Jarvis and John Wannamaker (a local town merchant) conducted a small ceremony wherein they remembered Anne Marie's mother in a tiny church where her mother was a Sunday school teacher during the year of 1907. Just a few years later, the state of Virginia made this an official celebratory day. It was not long after that, other states started doing likewise.

Mothers Day And The Commercialization Of The Holiday

When Mothers Day first came about, it was meant to remember and celebrate the life of a person's mother. Moreover, Anne Marie Jarvis worked very hard to create this day to honor the memory of her deceased mother. The interesting thing is, her remaining years of life and remaining family fortune were all used up and spent to try and stop the nationalization of the holiday she inadvertently help create. She was thoroughly unpleased at all of the cards, chocolates, flowers, and gifts that came about by the commercialization of the holiday. She later began to protest vehemently and in 1923 threatened a lawsuit on a group trying to throw a rather large Mothers Day party at New York stadium for copyright infringement. The celebration at the stadium was later cancelled and at the end of Anne's life, she was pretty much broke and almost fully blind.

It is sad to think that even though Miss Jarvis fought long and hard she eventually lost to the commercialization and mass observance of the holiday she desired to protect. Nowadays, many businesses make a large amount of profit off this holiday such as jewelers, florists, restraints and candy companies. The funny thing is, there is a number of people who believe that is this holiday was not as commercialized so much as it was, it would have been celebrated less and eventually barely at all similar to children's day.

Interesting Trivia about Mothers

The controversy aside, the holiday has still made an impression on the vast majority of people and Mothers Day remains a day of pampering all mothers around the world. To honor these bearers of children you may find some of the mommy trivia below quite fun.

Largest Number of Children

A nameless Russian woman who was wife to Feodor Vassilyev who was a peasant in the 1700's would have the most Mothers Days gifts of all if she were alive today. This woman is the all time record holder for the most children ever born to a single woman. Her grand total of children born including twins, triplets, and quadruplets was 69.

The Oldest Women Ever to Give Birth

Even though it is somewhat hard to tell because of her lack of a birth certificate, Omkari Panwar is the current record holder for oldest women to give birth. At the age of 70 years old, she gave birth to twins through a C-section.

In Conclusion

Many interesting things surround this holiday. In addition, make sure that you do something special to honor your mother's memory or being.

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