Family Heirloom Significance - How to Give Value to Your Hand Me Downs

Every family has something and anything that was passed on to them by their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents and so one. Family treasures may be in the form of jewelries, antique furniture, photos, trinkets, dolls, personal journals or diaries, old coins, paintings, handicrafts, mom's apple pie recipe perhaps or even a worn out cowboy hat! No matter what your heirlooms are, the important thing is that you know how valuable it is to your family and thus, should be well taken care of.

Family heirlooms are great treasures not because of the monetary value it may have. More than the economic worth is the priceless story behind it. A ring or necklace handed down for generations may have tripled in value today but the sentimentality that goes with it is its truest worth. Whether your heirloom portrays a love story, a sad story, a war story, or a story of saying goodbye, these memories should be preserved. Carrying on with this legacy means preserving and giving value to these heirlooms. Here's what you can do to safeguard and protect your family's keepsakes.

* Write it down

Take some time to ponder and recall what mementos were passed on to you. Look around your house. Your antique desks, the painting hanging on the wall, even your curtains. Were they given to you? Was it there long before you were born? Ask your oldest family member and know the stories behind each item. You can write it down on a journal or you can take pictures of the items and put it in an album with headlines. This will help you remember things even if you get old yourself. The younger generation will definitely appreciate what you did.

* Display or store them in a secure location

Put your heirlooms in a place where it will not be damaged by heat, moisture, pests, or other external factors. Sunlight and light from fluorescent bulbs can spoil the appearance and texture of your photographs and journals. Improper handling can also cause extreme damage on your heirlooms so make sure that you know how to clean and preserve it. Let your family members know it as well. Abrasive cleaners, disinfectants and pest sprays may damage your memorable items more than you would like to keep it clean. Valuable antiques and jewelries should be kept in a room where only you and some of your family can get access to. Now you'll know that your shock gun and stun pen works not only to protect you and your family but to protect your precious heirlooms from robbers as well.

* Do not attempt to fix a broken item

More often than not, your effort and earnest intention to fix a broken clay jar or a torn photograph will do more harm than good. The best thing to do is to leave it be. Or if you're really itching to have it restored, try contacting an expert on restoring antiques and collectibles then ask for his advice.

Your family heirlooms represent time, achievement, triumph, happiness, success, and above all, love. By preserving these items you are also preserving your family's memories. And these memoirs are worth more than what money can buy.

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