Facing the Challenges of Nursing Homes

The concept of nursing homes is now gaining popularity especially in Western countries, where the old aged people are forced to stay in nursing homes and relatives believe it's the best for them. Young relatives who have a lot in their hands and think taking care of an old person takes too much of their time and too hard for them to handle. With increasing number of patients in nursing homes, there is definitely a drawback; there is shortage in funds to provide for the old people. Sometimes the fund is not enough to provide their well-being, the quality of care is also sacrificed.

Disadvantages of Staying in Nursing Homes

Cost. Staying in the care of nursing homes cost a lot of money. It may save the relatives' time and responsibility from attending to an old person but the amount they have to pay is quite expensive.

Dependence. People living in nursing homes unlearn their ability to be independent. They start entrusting themselves to the institution's procedure and the imposed lifestyle.

Dealing with other patients. Although not a disadvantage in its entirety, living with other old-aged people can have its drawbacks. One has to adjust with the noises made by the others. This can be a challenge if the senior is moving in the first time.

Care. Understandably, since there are lots of people in an institution with almost the same age and different levels of demands, the quality of care is greatly affected. Nurses can have the possibility to be burnt out and affect how they relate with the patients. This also goes to the maintenance of the center and the quality and quantity of food. Due to high population, a patient can be left alone for a long time in order for the nurses to attend to everyone.

Isolation. Old people begin to have feelings of being unwanted and useless. They tend to be sensitive. They might feel forced out of their comfort zone and this might cause depression. Even if the relatives visit the elderly, this can bring about greater levels of sadness.

Freedom. Together with the feeling of isolation comes lack of freedom. Being in a structured environment, the elderly feels restricted. They are unable to entertain themselves and this breeds more emotions of sadness.

There are numerous challenges in placing the elderly in nursing homes. However, there are advantages too like having caregivers all throughout the day and night. This kind of care cannot be given at home since relatives are often too tired from working and attending to their own tasks. In a way, the elderly can find a sense of community being around people they find similarities with. It is always difficult for both child and parent to face the reality of sending the elderly to a nursing home. The important thing is to weigh the pros and cons of the situation you will be subjecting the elderly. Always prioritise the welfare of the elderly above all things.

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