Sundays Are Family Days

Sunday is family day. It is usually spent hearing mass first thing in the morning or can be at the end of a long day, for us Catholics, that is. This is a time to reach out to each and every member of the family. You would love to share stories of how the busy week went.

It is, for me the happiest day of my week. Oh! And it is on this day that our family would spend hours in the mall, window shopping and eating together. There are times when we do paintballing. As a child, it was all play. It was all about hitting your target and winning the game. When Mom and Dad were younger, they would play with us, too. Paintball really made our Sundays complete. As I grew more matured, I realized that it was not just about the game that really excites me, I get to enjoy also the happiness we've all had in playing the game. The good times we share for hours. It was such a refreshing feeling to me to feel the squirt of the paint all over me. Muddy and all, I would hide myself in the woods and aim the gun to my siblings. It is a lot more different now that I have really grown up but I can say I enjoy it a lot now more than ever. My parents love the idea that we still get to play at least in the paintball field, now that all of us have grown up. We still go to malls, watch movies and eat together as a family. All we do as a family really make our week complete. We get to talk a lot, not like in our younger years that we were all so playful. My parents go nuts attending to all of us. My dad would always blurt out, "paintball field is one heck of a field".

Typical parents, grow old sad and lonely. I am proud to say my parents are not like the typical ones. Maybe it is because they have experienced another entire childhood with us. Our Sundays as a family made our bond tighter. They have been experiencing childhood longer that any of us did, as their children. And it is a good thing; it is more of a blessing, actually. We all matured happy that we always have something to look back to and something to look forward to, our Sundays in the mall, inside the car chatting endlessly and in the paintball field. And now, with the new generation - My parent's grand children!

We have nothing to regret today that we all still enjoy the company of one another. We have nothing to feel sorry about in the past because what we've all had yesterday, we still have today--and so much more - our Parents, our children, all of us and all of our Sundays together. No time to reminisce, we are all still making so much memories together.

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