Sundays Are Family Days
Sunday is family day. It is usually spent hearing mass first thing in the morning or can be at the end of a long day, for us Catholics, that is. This is a time to reach out to each and every member of the family. You would love to share stories of...
By Mike Mitchell
How to Throw a Dinner Party
So you've decided to put on a dinner party and already you're lying awake worrying about every little detail: what if people don't come? What if my food ends up being a disaster?
By Dave Matthews
Hosting a Successful Party
Everyone loves a good party but things can get a little stressful when you are hosting one for yourself. It can be difficult to manage all the aspects of the party adequately to ensure that it all runs smoothly and everyone enjoys themselves.
By Dave Matthews
Mother's Day: Information You Might Not Have Known About
On the second Sunday of the month of May in the United States of America is the national celebration of Mothers Day. This holiday had its beginnings in the year 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill declaring it a national holiday.
By Bennetta Elliott
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