Facts About Having an Abusive Partner
There are a lot of types of abuses. Around the world there is a statistical analysis that in every four women, one of them has an abusive partner. These abuses may be physical, emotional or even sexual.
By Irsan Komarga
Emotional Abuse Recovery Steps - 3 Powerful Steps to Recover From Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse recovery steps don't just happen overnight. The quality of your recovery is much more important than the years or few months it would take for you to fully heal. Every process is unique for every individual. You must not expect to...
By Sherrie Christman
Emotionally Abusive Relationship - 3 Keys to Freeing Yourself From Emotional Abuse
A psychologist in India recently asked me to write about the following: How can a woman, one without access to professional help, take steps towards freeing herself from an emotionally abusive relationship? As I think about this question, I realize..
By Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.
Are You In An Abusive Marriage?
If a woman is not physically or sexually abused by her husband, people generally conclude there is no abuse. But women should give this question more serious thought. Abuse need not be verbal, physical or sexual. These types of abuse are...
By Cathi Adams
Is Fear Keeping You In An Abusive Marriage? How You Can Escape
I was recently taking in a horror movie with my son when he suddenly made an amazing remark, 'It's not so scary anymore, because we've seen the killer.' How true that statement is in every aspect of life. True horror and real fear is really the fear
By Cathi Adams