Why Getting Back at Your Ex is a Waste of Your Life!

So you have been cheated on and now you want revenge! Well I'm sure you have read or heard about those ex partners who got their revenge by cutting up their ex's clothes or putting a dead fish in their car or stalking them while they are with their new love! Good ideas? No somehow I don't think so.

But why? If doing something like the above makes you feel better then is it not a good idea?

No it isn't and I'll explain why. Apart from the obvious legal implications of destroying another person's property there is the simple fact that doing something out of anger will only let your ex know something that you really do not want them to know!

And that is that you still care enough to take some kind of action against them. But you say, they know that I care and if they cared about me then I wouldn't be doing this! Your ex may well think that you are still in love with them but knowing is a different matter.

By showing your ex that you are still in love you are giving them all the power! You are also showing them that you are not mature enough to handle whatever it is they have done in a grown up manner. In fact you may as well send them a letter saying that you are available at any time for them and you do not have a life without them!

Your ex has gone, if they cared enough about you they would not have left so why hold a grudge about something you can do nothing about. You can't control your ex's life so why try? Besides it takes two to tango and blaming somebody else for you being on your own is simply refusing to take responsibility for your own life! Your relationship with your ex was as much your responsibility as theirs so perhaps you should examine your own life and work out why whatever happened did so and what you can do in the future to make sure it never happens again!

I am a firm believer in the maxim that it is your life and whatever happens in it is your responsibility. Living according to that way of thinking puts all the power in your life in your hands and actually makes it a lot easier to get through life!

So let's have a look at what kind of revenge you could get satisfaction from.

The best type of revenge is where you move on in your life and find love again! Easy to say but is it easy to do? In a lot of ways yes. How you move on is up to you but one way of doing it is to get out there and make new friends. These new friends will in turn introduce you to other potential friends and partners so learn how to network! Join a gym or a walking/reading club, find something else to do that does not give you time to brood over the past. Filling your day with new experiences will in turn allow you to grow as a person and give you that maturity that will allow you to deal with any of life's little problems!

As well as doing you the world of good, making new friends and building a new social life will have another consequence. It will show your ex that your life is going on without them! That you do not need them in your life for your life is complete with or without them.

And that my friend is real revenge!

Jerry R Love is a professional writer specializing in relationship problems. It's a fact that over 90% of broken relationships can be brought back to life! Click here (http://exbackhq.com/) to find out how to Get Your Ex Back

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