Moving on and Why You Must Make a New Life For You!

When a relationship breaks up so many people find themselves in the position of living their life with a huge hole in it! They spent so much time with their ex, their life revolved around their ex lover and now that the relationship is over they find themselves with so much time on their hands and trying to figure out why if they tried so hard they are now on their own?

Ironically it is the very act of giving all to your partner that led to the relationship breaking up in the first place! While at the start of your relationship you spent all your time together in a frenzy of lovemaking and romance this kind of living in each other's pockets simply can't be maintained!

Why? Because for a relationship to grow it needs each of the partners in the relationship to constantly feed it with new experiences and to do that you need to have an independent life away from your partner.

By doing this you are showing your lover that your life does not revolve around them, your life was full before you met them and it will continue to be a full active life even if they leave. This is especially important with men as women while initially loving the 24 hour attention from their man will rapidly find it suffocating and eventually consider that attention to be a sign of neediness from their man. Not an attractive trait in anybody!

Now let's take a look at how to move on after your relationship has ended.

The first few months of life alone can seem very daunting indeed with no idea about how to move on and get over the failure of what you thought was a perfect relationship.In fact for a lot of this time the only thing on your mind will be your ex and what he or she is doing now.

But for your own peace of mind you must make the effort to move on and find a new life.

One of the most common things that happen when a relationship ends is that a lot of the friends that were made during the relationship disappear as well, either through embarrassment because they don't know what to say to you or because their loyalties lie with your ex. It may be a bitter pill to swallow but you must make the effort to forget about these "friends" and make new ones.

Making new friends will have a number of very positive effects on your life:

1. It will fill your time so you will no longer be able to brood about what happened.

2. It will give you new experiences helping to replace the bad memories with better ones.

3. One new friend will lead to another and so on.

4. A new friend could well be a prospective new partner.

Sounds easy but where do I meet these new friends?

In this day of internet access meeting new friends could not be easier. Go online and look up groups in your area. These could be book clubs/walking clubs/film clubs, in fact the list is endless! From checking out the latest fashions to sky diving you have an infinite number of choices. Joining a number of these will fill your time and allow you to learn the art of networking. Making new friends will turn your life around and present you with new opportunities in your life. And who knows maybe even a new love interest as well!

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