Protect Yourself with the Right Divorce Attorney

If you are going through a divorce or anticipate your marriage may be ending, you need to make sure your financial future is secure. Women, who often take the hardest emotional blow in the divorce, forget that once the pain is over, they have to live.

Some couples divorce on good terms and truly want to help their soon-to-be former spouses succeed. However these are rare cases. Most divorces have a battleground and that battleground is usually money and children.

The court system is complicated and you need an advocate that will protect you. While attorneys are often perceived in a negative light, a good divorce attorney is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, that negative perception has been earned by attorneys who have not represented their clients honestly yet still have demanded hefty fees. But you can weed out the bad from the good.
  • Go to the courthouse and ask the court clerks which attorneys handle the most divorces in your area. If you have time, research the cases to see which attorney wins the most in situations similar to yours.
  • Learn how the court system works. If you have time, sit in on one or two divorce cases that are being heard.
  • Find an attorney that specializes in family law. Don't believe this is their specialty because of an ad in the phone book. Again, ask questions to people other than the divorce attorney.
  • Don't be afraid to shop around. Your attorney is the key to your success in your divorce. Consider several before deciding on one.

  • Once you have narrowed your list down to two or three attorneys, interview them before choosing one. Some key questions you should ask are:
  • How much will this cost me? If they give you a low amount, the attorney may be desperate and just trying to get your business. A high priced attorney does not mean high quality. If you choose to spend a lot of money, make sure the attorney is worth the cost. Ask if payment arrangements are available.
  • Find out what is included in the estimate. Will the attorney charge you every time he or she sends a fax or takes a phone call on your behalf? Will a paralegal be doing some of the work at a lower hourly rate? Get details.
  • How often has this attorney tried divorce cases in this courtroom? Getting a sharp out of town attorney can penalize you if you are in small community.
  • When conducting these interviews, look for an attorney that makes you feel comfortable. Your attorney is your partner in your divorce as you attempt to stand up for your rights. If you don't feel like you can express your feelings openly to your attorney, you are likely will not be successful in court.

  • If you suspect a divorce is imminent or if you recently separated, don't delay in finding an attorney. Don't let your ex be the first one to strike, particularly if a bitter battle is ahead of you. You need that advocate by your side as soon as possible.

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    Cathi Adams is the author of "Divorce Secrets: What Every Women Should Know." This invaluable resource provides steps to ensure financial security to woman faced with the possibility of divorce. Visit her web site for a FREE report -What You Absolutely Must Know Before You Even THINK About Getting A Divorce:

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