It's Not Easy - Even For Chimps

Do you find it difficult to attract a woman's attention? Are you unsure what to do? Do you think if only she would look at you or give you a minute or her time, she would see how wonderful you are and want to spend more time with you? Sometimes just getting a girl to notice is half the battle. Well, don't feel bad if it's not always easy for you because apparently even chimp's have trouble getting a girl's attention, as well.

Men do all sorts of things to attract a woman's attention, from dressing well to trying to catch her eye across a crowded room. It's not easy for men and its not easy for the chimp's either.

All they can do is show that they are interested in the female and hope she is interested in them, as well. But, as we all know, sometimes woman - and female chimps apparently - need something to get their attention.

A recent New York Times article claims that male chimps who are interested in mating make a particular noise to get a female chimp to look at him.

The writer of the article spoke to a University of Cambridge professor, Dr. McGrew, who explained that chimps will use a leaf to attract attention.

Preferably a dead leaf that will make a lot of noise when the chimp uses his mouth or hand to make noise with it. It is called "leaf clipping" and it is basically where the chimp bites or tears the leaf, making a rasping sound, much like the sound of tearing a brittle piece of newspaper.

The chimp will tear the leaf, bit by bit and toss the pieces down below.

McGrew says it is a distinctive sound that attracts a female's attention. It may take ripping or "clipping" as many as six different leaves to garner attention.

What happens next? Well, the chimp sits with his legs spread so the female, once she notices him or looks at him because of the noise, will see that he is ready to mate.

If the female chimp is interested, she will approach the male and they will mate, McGrew said.

According to writer John Tierney, the behavior might be a little familiar, a little too close to home.

"Put that way, you might see this chimp as the equivalent of a human (wearing pants, one hopes) trying to attract women by driving around with a car thumping out 120-decibel music. But until researchers are able to find a woman who admits to being anything other than annoyed by guys in boom cars, these human tools must be considered evolutionary dead ends."

"By contrast, the leaf-clipping chimps seem more advanced, practically debonair," Tierney writes.

Men around the world are always looking for ways to attract a woman's attention. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it is direct. Sometimes it works and other times, it fails miserably. The only thing we can do is keep trying. Don't give up and take comfort in knowing that we are not the only males on the planet that must work for a female's attention.

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