How To Know If A Girl Is Flirting With You

Have you ever asked a drinking buddy in a bar, or having your buddy asked you, "hey, do you think that girl over there is flirting with me?". If you have had to ask this question before, then don't you think it will be much more fun to know when women are flirting with you so that you can play along on your own rules?

By knowing the answer to "Is she flirting with me?" can certainly help you to understand who is into you and who is not so that you don't jump on the wrong horses embarrassingly or missed some wonderful opportunities. Here are some tips to tell if any girl is flirting with you.

She starts a conversation with you - We start with a very obvious flirting move by women but also very commonly missed by men whose "radars" are not up. If a girl comes up to you to talk to you first, no matter on what subject and how innocent the subject may be, this should be a tell tale sign that she is attempting to flirt with you. Listen up guys, girls do not usually start a conversation or approach guys that they do not want to flirt with unless she needed some help over something that has happened.

She is smiling at you - Catching a woman smiling at you is an important sign of her flirting with you. However knowing the type of smile can give more further confirmation to that. Women may smile when they are feeling uncomfortable or are confused. So you need better confirmation than merely a smile. If the girl is looking straight into your eyes and smiling or even grinning, you know that you have caught her attention and smile or even wave back. Then sit back and watch her approach you.

She is fidgeting - Some men think that fidgeting is a woman's body language to tell you that she is not interested in you. It is their way to show impatience. Do be careful, they are probably wrong.

Women, just like men do sometimes do things unconsciously. If a woman is twirling her hair around her fingers, looking downwards and then looking up at you, or puckering her lips while doing so are signs that she is definitely flirting with you.

Touchy Freely - This is one sure sign that she is into you. When a girl is having a conversation with you and touches you now and then, no matter how innocently, you can know without doubt that she is flirting with you. If you are sitting and she brushes your knee, she is flirting. If you make a joke and she slaps your arm when laughing out loud, she is definitely flirting. Make no mistake about that.

Guys, let it be known that women will not simply touch or have bodily contact with any guys. They do so only with men whom they are interested in, familiar with or want to flirt with.

There are many more ways to figure out if a girl is flirting with you or not. However, you are already in a very good position to know with the above few tips on flirtation with women.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at Body Language Flirting and How To Attract Girls With Pheromone Sex Appeal

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