Revealed! The Secrets of How to Get Back Your Girlfriend

If you have just been through a break up, you are probably still reeling from the pain because the end of relationship can be emotionally taxing. However, people fail to understand that most break ups come with an opening for reconciliation while some will need work others make way for a second shot at the relationship. If you want to get back your girlfriend, you need to remember that your confidence will play a key role in your chances of success. Just because you had a break up, doesn't mean that you can't win back your lady love, as a matter if fact, it may be worth remembering that your girl fell in love with who you are. The process to get back your girlfriend can be long and time consuming; particularly, if painful issues led to the end of the relationship but you need to be patient and realize that all the time and effort that you spend to get back together with ex is worth it.

The first step in the reconciliation process is to take a close look at what went wrong; this is no time to point fingers at your partner, you need to be honest and objective. Once you have pinpointed the issues that led to the demise of the relationship, you will be able to analyze if you had a part in the mess. If you understand what went wrong, you will be able to figure out how to correct it.

Another way is to talk to your friends about their take on the relationship; often, it makes more sense to get a thirds person's perspective on an issue. Ask for their opinion on what could have been changed to prevent the break up.

If you seriously want to get back your girlfriend, you will need to change any behavior that led to the trouble in the relationship. For instance, if your girlfriend had a problem with your excessive drinking or smoking; this may be a good time to kick the butt and the bottle. If she walked out because she was not happy with the treatment meted out to her, try to change your behavior. There are several support groups that can lend a helping hand.

If you feel that you are in control of your emotions, you can get in touch with your ex; however, you need to ensure that while you let her know that you still care, there should be no pressure to resurrect what you once had. If you hound her, she will run farther away from you and at one point it may be almost impossible to get her back. Under no circumstances should you plead with her to come back to you; this never really works besides its demeaning.

Instead, try to be her friend in need; do not shun her when she needs a shoulder to cry on even if the tears are attributed to a new love in her life. You need to be stoic and control your emotions. Just because she is criticizing her present boyfriend does not mean you need to join in the slander party. Your job here is to be her friend because it is very easy to forge a relationship from a friendship.

All these tips point towards a single attribute of your personality which will prove vital if you want to get back your girlfriend and that is patience. If you rush into things or push her, you may lose your ex forever.

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